Nov 27, 2007

Goodbye, sweet Chugga!

I love my country life but there are hard times. Last night we had to put Chugga down, she was incoherent, acting blind & deaf, shaking and convulsing. My poor ds - she was his dog; she loved him and was content to just be with him. Since he got his license, he would take them everywhere with him. It's very sad. She was a good dog, she had a good life - but it's still so hard to let her go.

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Ranch wife said...

I am sorry. Poor Kaleb. I love having pets, but just hate having to say goodbye. When we lost out old dog Jack 2 summers ago it was so sad. He was 13. He went out horseback with Sara. we got to missing him and found him nor far from the barn. It looked like he just lay down and died. But he went doing what he loved to do, follw a horse.

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