Jun 12, 2014

June 12th - My goodness has this year flown by!!!
1)  I must thank the good Lord for all the blessings He's given me!  He is so good and faithful!
2)  Being Nonni to the most beautiful little one has been more wonderful than I could ever know!     That sweet granddaughter has brought so much joy and love to our home.
3)  Beth Moore's Bible studies are one of my favorite teaching tools - we have a small group of ladies who meet on Fridays and the Lord surely works thru Beth.  He reaches me thru her!
4)  Hawaii really is paradise!  Think we could live there indefinitely.  Swimming with 3 pods of wild dolphins was something I will remember for a LONG time.  AMAZING beautiful creatures.
5)  Family and friends are so much more important than worldly things.  Salvation is even more important!

   DH had the shoulder surgery and I know he wondered if he'd ever get better - and he is!  Thank the Lord.  It was a long recovery, but he's good.
    Our family dynamics have completely changed with Miss JJ - she's such a sweet, good, happy baby.  She only cries if she's hungry or really tired.  I love, love, love being her Nonni!  When those sweet little hands reach out to me - melts my heart!  We just love our DIL too, she's quite a kid.  She drives 3+ hours one way to take care of her gramma who has dementia and her parents who both have cancer.  It takes someone special to do that - makes us love her even more.  Good news is both her parents have finished with their chemo and the tumors are shrinking!!!
    DD had to go to Hawaii for an Ag Teacher's Association meeting - poor thing.  No one from Arizona was going with her, not even her husband.  He had prior commitments that he couldn't get out of (or he was afraid to fly over the big ocean), so her daddy and I volunteered - jokingly.  But then as it got closer and no one was going - we really didn't want her there alone - so we decided to go and  celebrated our 32 anniversary.  It was great. We had a room high up in a large hotel but you'd never know it - we were on the corner and could leave our doors open all night for the ocean breezes.  DH and I honestly relaxed and enjoyed it.  We swam in the ocean every day, walked miles to see the sights, and then got to spend the evenings with DD.  Wouldn't trade it for anything.  We met some of the local people and made life long friends - they are wonderful, kind and giving people.  We had decided the main things we wanted to do was see Pearl Harbor and DD wanted to swim with dolphins.  DH and I were raised on ranches in parts of the country where water is scarce so we didn't think we'd snorkel - but God had other plans.  The family running the boat fed us breakfast and lunch, showed us some beautiful scenery and then found 3 different pods of dolphins  to swim with - 2 we went to, one came to us.  Also turtles and the colorful fish were just beautiful.  DH, who rode bulls and broke colts for most of his life faced his fear of water and went snorkeling too.  I was so proud of him.  On Easter morning we were out on the ocean far from shore, watched the sun come up and then got to admire His handiwork all around!  Great time with our girl.
   DS was in a wedding in California last month so we volunteered to take them.  We decided we have to spend any time we can with them, sacrifice our free days for it and it's so worth it.  It's a long drive, but we made it and sweet Miss JJ got to see the ocean for the first time, she liked digging her toes into the sand but then a wave (bigger than her daddy realized) soaked her and she DID NOT like that - not that she'll remember it.  DS looked so handsome and it great to see his high school friends.
    My job is good and we stay busy, except they want me to go full time and I do not want to.  When I hired on I told them flexibility was major to me and they said okay.  Now they want me there from 8 to 5, M - F.  We are praying for God's will on this, God and my family always come first and foremost.  I sure miss my school kids, and I miss teaching - I did a lot of tutoring but it's not the same. Several times I went out on their special days to help out.
   DH got a phone call last week about his best friend from high school - he had been shot and killed - by another friend.  He'd been drinking, which led to fighting, which led to his death.  It's a horrible mess.  It saddens him that his friend never grew up - wanted to be 16 forever and be the old western movie cowboy.  We are heading out soon to be with his family and friends.
  I pray the Lord gives you each what you need to get thru the day and some extra wants too.  He's so good and faithful - He amazes me with His love.  I've added some pictures from the past 6 months - bad, bad blogger, I know.
Memorial Day - she loved the horse - first time to go to the park

St Patricks Day - our sweet leprechaun and her mommy - (I made her hat - it was almost too small.)

Memorial Day - he loves fly fishing - I love watching him

DS on my colt - they're both doing so good, Eli J still has a little buck though. 

Miss JJ's dedication to God

DD & her niece Christmas Day

Getting excited - almost to Waikiki after a 5 hour flight. 

Pearl Harbor - very heart wrenching.  We shed  a lot of tears there.  So very humbled by our military's sacrifice.

Trinidad, CA Miss JJ's first time to be at the Pacific Ocean.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liken' to ya'!

Dec 3, 2013

I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart, I will enter His courts with praise.....

How can 8 pounds bring such immense joy to so many lives?  Only the Lord knows the answer to that question.  He brought to us a beautiful, healthy granddaughter in November and forever changer our lives.  Nonni and Poppy are thrilled, humbled, and smitten beyond our wildest dreams!!!!

The kids lived in a 5th wheel camper moving from drill site to drill site, I wondered how a baby would change all that.  Praying for lots of things, I prayed for God to provide something stable for them.  In October they were moved to a new site - DS worked one day, and had 6 days off, worked 4 days and was off indefinitely.  He camped at the office until they gave him another drill site - but it was temporary too.  He is a hard worked, he likes to work hard, but he also wanted stability for his family.

As the baby got closer to delivery, DDIL stayed with her folks and DS stayed in a hotel.  On days off he cut wood for us and her folks.  One day while passing the ranch he worked summers on thru high school - the manager flagged him down.  He had bought his own ranch, over the mountain.  He was going to still work on this one - but wondered did DS want to run the other ranch?  What a blessing!  He knew it was a huge pay cut, but this was his first dream for jobs.  And for this man to choose DS to run his personal ranch - made him feel very good.  They crunched some numbers, and decided if they were smart, they could do it.  The day the baby would be born, he'd turn in his 2 week notice.

We started moving them out to their new place.  What a beautiful ranch.  It's between two mountain ranges.  They are miles from anyone, no TV service, no phone service, 57 miles of dirt roads one way and 20 the other way.  When the  snow flies they will have to go quite a long way around to get in and out.  Poppy signed them up with the air ambulance the day they took the job.

Little Miss was born - healthy and happy. Look how beautiful her momma looks right after having her, and look at her looking at Nonni at 2 hours old!
 She's a wonderfully happy baby.  She only cries if she's hungry.  She's a super good baby, spoiling her folks.  Nonni loves to sing and rock her.  She was born with long hair - blondish, brownish with a tint of red!  Her name is Joshi!
Yep those sweet kids named her Joshi and it fits her perfectly!  
Her bedroom in the new place is all fixed up, going from a 5th wheel to a huge house has been a challenge - they don't even know where to start.  They're getting it fixed up nice.  DS has been getting lots of riding in too.  DDIL can start helping him in 2 weeks, we told her we'd teach her how to rope -  he's had a lot of sick calves.  Cold weather, snow, hot weather.  He has 3 young horses, plus he'll be taking my 4 year old.  

I want to get them some guineas and chickens, maybe a peacock or two.  They have 2 good dogs.  

This is Thanksgiving Day.  We spent it with them - it was terrific!  Sometimes God amazes me how out of the blue He changes everything around - and yet when you step back -  it was always in His plans!  

Hope and pray ya'll had a blessed Thanksgiving.  DDIL's folks are both fighting cancer - they just found her momma's in the last month.  This last year of saying goodbye to so many people, having family and friends fighting sickness, cancer, etc, we have come to realize just how incredible our God is.  This life is not nearly as important as we think it is.  What is important?  Jesus.  If you know Him, how you live for Him.  How you tell others about Him.  What you do to help the orphans, widows, less fortunate.  Four friends and I are doing Beth Moore's Bible study 'Daniel' - I would highly recommend it to anyone who truly wants to see this world as it really is and seek God.  It's touched me so deeply.  

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liken' to ya',

Nov 12, 2013


Back in December, DS was at the local ranch store about 8:30PM buying dog food.  It was below freezing and miserably cold that night - seems like the freezing fog had set in as well.  He was walking out to his truck in a section that wasn't well lit up, when he felt hands grab his shoulders from behind - no words.  He said he didn't even think about it, he just hauled off and decked the guy with a fast right! I have rarely seen him even raise his hands in anger, and never seen him swing at anyone.  DH yelled at the guy, who was lying on the ground - nose and mouth bleeding - "What in the world are you doing?" The man told him, he was just hungry and cold. Was that it?  There had been quite a few robberies in that area - was DH's spirit warning him?  About that time, the store folks came out, yelling at the man - who was a homeless guy - telling DH that they'd already ran him off several times.  They wanted the cops to haul him away this time.  DH asked them not to call the law, he said he would make sure the man was gone.

So DH picked the gentleman up, dusted him off, cleaned him, and took him to supper.  By the time he got home his hand had started to ache a little.  When he told DS and I the story - we thought he was teasing us.  No way, we couldn't believe it.

His hand continued to hurt, and it started moving up his arm - continuing to his bicep and shoulder.  In late August - he finally had to have it repaired.  The X-ray showed the bicep was messed up, a bone spur, rotator cuff completely torn, clavicle tendons torn off, bicep tendons torn off, and something else.  DH knew he'd have physical therapy so he chose a local doctor.  I didn't discourage him, but wanted to go to a specialist out of town.  His surgery was several hours - the doctors came and got me to look at it.  Both said it was the worst they'd ever seen.  He had 4 bone spurs, his bicep looked like feathers - it was so torn up and shredded.  They'd patched him all up and felt pretty good about his recovery - if - IF  - he would take care of it.  I prayed continuously for him, over him - but never felt that peace God normally gives me.

We came home, two days out and he was doing well.  That night he started getting a fever and nauseous.  I was told if it goes over 101 to call the doctor.  I called - it was Labor Day weekend, the answering service - didn't answer.  No answering machine either.  I called the hospital, the med surg doctor advised me, if it went over 102, and he kept vomiting - come in.  At 2:30AM we went in.

ER freaked out when his oxygen sats were 79 and admitted him right away.  He was holding his breath so he wouldn't vomit - but they didn't listen.  Four hours later he was on med/surg floor - the iv in his arm had blown and was burning - 3 times he told the nurse.  Finally she saw that his arm was doubling in size, and turned the drip off - but didn't fix his iv.  About an hour later she did, when he started vomiting every minute.  One heart tech came in the first night putting the electrodes on - she started pushing on his shoulder.  I said he'd just had surgery on that shoulder, he was groaning - she kept pushing on it - it's for a heart monitor so shouldn't be up there anyway - I said a little louder that he'd just had surgery.  She didn't listen - he was groaning louder now, so I stepped over to her, and took her dainty, prissy, soft, pudgy manicured hand in my rough, unmanicured, calloused hand and dropped it away from the bed.  Calmly telling her, Ma'am you will not touch him again!  He just had surgery on that shoulder! She did not come back to his room.  After that I did not leave him alone at any time, when I went home to feed the horses and dogs - I called Pastor or our youth pastor to come sit with him.  Didn't trust him with them!  The nurses and CNA's were excellent but they follow written orders.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia - which we were pretty sure he didn't have.  He has lung damage from getting dust pneumonia in Texas.  And he is a shallow breather, when walking his O2 tank was empty - they never checked it, I never told them - and his sats were fine.  I would turn his O2 way down when they'd leave the room.  They had him on 4.5 L plus they were flooding him with IV's.  About the 3rd day, he told the dr the nebulizer was what was making him sick - sure enough - when he quit using it, the sickness went away.  His fever was never over 99.5 but they treated him like he had a high fever.  He gained 19 pounds in IV fluid. He didn't eat over 4 bites the whole time in there. He was getting 3 different antibiotics, one right after the other every 5 hours.  When we asked why - no one could tell us.  I had everyone I knew praying for him.  For the first time in my life, I was not anywhere near being at peace with what was going on.  Feeling like he was getting worse instead of better - I really had no idea what God wanted me to do.
  He told me on the 5th day, if we don't get out of here - I think they might kill me.  I agreed.  We decided that if they didn't release him, we'd walk out and go to Salt Lake City.  The dr didn't want to let him go, but needed beds so agreed.  He was given an antibiotic that had all kinds of warnings on it.  He took two of them, and started hurting so bad - I told him to start researching the drug.  It's not a good drug, it's used for MRSA and hard to kill bugs.  It also has severe side effects.  He stopped taking it.

I started using Oil of Oregano and coconut oil. In Britain, oil of oregano is used for MRSA and it's gone in 3 days.  He took detox baths and I soaked his feet nightly.  His legs had swelled up to 3 times normal size.  They looked like square logs - same size at the top as the bottom.  We went drastic - no white anything - only water, lots of it.  Only natural foods, nothing processed.  In 32 hours, he'd lost 17 pounds and half of the swelling in his legs was gone.  He lost all the weight  in 3 days, but it took weeks for the puffy air swelling to leave.

God, and He alone healed DH - had we not listened to Him and left, I don't know if DH would have lived.  We know he had an infection of some kind - he did not have pneumonia.  It was all so weird - when I asked one nurse what med she was giving him - she said I'm not allowed to tell you.  WARNING! It was like God just put every nerve in my body on edge after that, I didn't sleep for 7 days.  God gave me the strength to get thru it and He touched DH's body, mind and soul and healed them too.  It's been a long, slow recovery - but he's doing really good.  He needs to learn that being better does not mean that he is 100%, because if he overdoes it - he pays for it.  :-)
 We hopefully WILL NOT have any more surgeries with this doctor who doesn't return our calls, and goes away for the weekend holiday without having someone to cover his patients.  We WILL NOT have any procedures done at this hospital if we can help it.  But from this point on, if I don't have a peace - I will voice it, I will listen.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liken' to ya'

Aug 23, 2013

God's perfect timing...

Almost September...my goodness!  I have been tutoring all summer.  High schoolers having trouble passing state tests.  Also my little school doesn't have enough kiddoes for 2 teachers, so I won't be returning - 7 students just isnt enough.  Just as I was looking forward to home time - a construction company called.  Did I want to work part time?  After prayerfully considering it, I am their new part-time 'girl Friday?', doing a little of everything.

My folks live near Sun Valley, Idaho.  They've been wanting to move out of the mountains for several years now, even before the housing market dropped.  They'd list their place with a realtor - nothing.  About a month ago, Dad was making duck collars for a realtor, it was a rush order for a gift.  Dad got them done, called the gentleman - who was tickled they were finished.  He said, if there's ever anything I can do for you, Jim, let me know.  Dad asked if houses were moving in their area.  The man said, yes it's pretty hot there.  He sat Dad up with a partner - this was on Tuesday and their home sold on Sunday! God's perfect timing!

DH and I met them that Saturday to look at places.  Sunday they made an offer on one, right close to Mom's sister and 20 minutes from my sister.  It has a shop Dad can use for his saddle making. The next weekend DH and I tore down Dad's saddle shop, loading everything into his enclosed trailer - waiting for the new place.

The following week I spent going through 54 years of their life, getting stuff ready for their first ever garage sale and hopefully last ever move!  So much stuff!  Dad found my old horse show trophies - I thought they'd all been donated back to 4-H to reuse, it was kinda fun to see them.  Mom couldn't do much, she fell trying to sort stuff in the garage - so I'd take it in and ask her.  We filled 3 dumpsters, had a great garage sale, and took 2 loads to the thrift store.  DH came back up and helped with it.

This last weekend we loaded them up and moved them to their new place.  We had it all unloaded and half of it unpacked and put up before time to go home Wednesday.  I felt bad, Dad didn't get his shop set up - that was my goal. When we were moving he said sadly, I haven't had leather in my hand for 23 days.

Mom is dizzy all the time and has been falling a lot.  She was diagnosed with 'dying inner ear', then possible dementia - frontal lobe.  We had a hard time with this because her symptons don't add up.  Because of her falling, Home Health came in - 3 separate ladies, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, and a nurse.  After each one met separately with Mom 3 times - they met with each other and then my parents.  They told Dad & Mom that they think her eyes are bad, working against each other.  That she is over medicated, misdiagnosed, and having TIA's (mini strokes).  Mom has said the whole time her eyes are messed up, for instance - she will get her tea and open a creamer pouring it to the left of her glass - missing it completely.  The nurse worked for a specialist who could help Mom, but because she is able to help herself Medicare denies it.  She will see a neuro-opthlamolgist next week, and then she needs Extensive rehab.  If they had sold their home sooner, would they have had 3 people who knew exactly what she has?  Again Gods perfect timing!

Our summer has been one of going up and down the road, but we're so grateful that God has answered some questions and prayers in His way and His time.  It's been a great witness to Mom and Dad.  Dad asked us to be the first ones in their new home to ask God's blessings on it.  We are praying for help for Mom and guidance.  It's difficult to see the brilliant, beautiful lady struggle, but we know that Jesus is in control no matter what is happening.

And so, another reason our lives are going so fast!  Plus....here's more great news!  We have a grandbaby on the way!!!  So excited!

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!

Jul 7, 2013

God please give them just enough...

If I ever said, I want my kids to have everything I didn't when I was a kid - I take it all back.  Lord, I want them to have...just enough!  (Read to the bottom for explanation.)

One bride's maid (left) our daughter (right) who drove in from AZ for her baby brother

one rehearsal night, one dad and one son, one beautiful ranch to have a ceremony

 one extremely gorgeous & nervous groom  
 4 handsome young men dressed in black
 3 beautiful ladies in blue and cowboy boots
one dad giving away his (peek a boo) baby girl  -
                                                                             one groom's family all showing up for his big day
 one JP - (good friend of the father of the bride - who'd just had knee surgery) marrying a young couple
                                                                                            one labor of love horse shoe project designed by his daughter and made by a loving dad for her
 one touching poem from the JP to the couple    
                                                                          one beautiful, (tall) bride and groom
 one kiss to start one lifetime of happiness for this new Mr. & Mrs.

one pink rose, familiar straw hat, and empty spot on the front hay bale - to remember and honor the brother who wasn't there - (the brother who should've been the best man)one beautiful and delicious cake (made last minute by an incredible aunt) to serve family and friends
one buffet style supper to share and visit 

(these are pictures we took, the professional ones I should have soon - sorry for the sun sports)

Two separate lives became one!  We now have another beautiful, blue-eyed blonde daughter to call our own.  This wedding these two 'kids' planned, made all decorations, hauled hay, and did all the work for was simple and country and absolutely wonderful!!!  Friends and family showed up from around the country - showering them with support, prayers, love and gifts!  One of my favorite parts - I asked DH's brother, who flew in from Texas, to pray with the groom's party before the ceremony.  They went behind the round bales, joined hands and prayed - not a dry eye in the bunch - including my dad and anyone else who happened to be back there.  DBIL is the one who lost his wife in January - and so he understands just how precious life and love are!

And this, my friends in another reason our lives have been so busy the last few months.  

Side note:  Our poor D-DIL woke up the day before with a horrible sinus infection, but you couldn't tell - she was stunning! 
She's a trooper.  They are living in a 5th wheel - in the middle of nowhere (seriously - it's not a good place), where he is drilling, and she's as happy as can be.  She has her sewing machine, Mia - a little stray dog I found in January starving and nearly frozen on the road - who has become quite a little companion, and craft stuff.  She makes lunch and hauls it out to the mine site for DS's whole crew - they all love her!  I love to see him smile when he looks at her, and see her smile when she looks at him!  
I pray that God gives them just enough - and that they learn to cling to each other, just as his dad and I did.   We were 1800 miles from my folks and 400 from his family - we only had the Lord and each other!  Which is a very, very good thing!

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'

Jun 25, 2013

The light went on as his spirit went past...

Our lives have been on a roller coaster ride since January....here's just one of the reasons...

Late Friday night DH's brother called, their dad (stepdad) was driving himself to the VA - he wasn't feeling well.  He worked for Meals on Wheels and earlier he'd fallen off a porch - they thought he had internal bleeding.
Saturday, the VA sent Papa to a private hospital - the doctor who normally would operate to stop internal bleeding was gone.  At the new hospital, the X-rays didn't look much like blood - so they did a biopsy, the doctor said it looked more like a mass.  The biopsy results probably wouldn't be in until Monday or Tuesday.
DH asked his brother, do we need to come?  Oh no, they said everything is good.  DH talks to his dad on the phone and he sounds pretty good.  He doesn't like being in the hospital.
Monday, no results from the biopsies.
Tuesday - it is definately cancer.  The private hospital is sending him back to the VA.  We are trying to get airlines tickets, time off, and/drive home.  DH is on call so he's got to find someone to take it for him. We can't get anything to work out with the airlines.  We decide to rent a car and drive - there are no cars here.
Wednesday - the cancer is a rare, very aggressive, painful, fast growing LMS. It attacks the soft tissue.  It started in his back, moved to his groin, kidneys, lungs and now abdomen No cure, no treatment.  Papa takes it all in stride.  DH and he have a good, long talk.  He says, "...well, the diagnosis isn't as good as it could be...but I guess I'm ready to meet my Lord...".  They keep talking.  He never complains about it.  He does want to be back at work.  He's almost 71, has been a widow for 15 years, and loves Jesus.
Thursday - the VA is making arrangements for him to go back home, but he can't go to his home - he has to have 24/7 professional help.  He will go the rehab/nursing home there.  They ask DH's brother to get his paperwork etc. The nursing home calls as soon as they know (because of the 30 years Papa worked with the senior center) and said he had a place waiting - no paperwork was needed.  That is unheard of these days.  They would be there first thing in the morning to pick him up.  We have a flight lined up, are on a waiting list.  About 2 hours later it gets canceled, this is right after the Bosten bombing.  DH talks with Papa, tells him he loves him and thanks him for being his dad - it was a good talk.
Friday - the VA calls.  Papa's kidney's have shut down 50%, he will not make the 55 mile trip home.  His new prognosis is 2 days to 2 weeks.  He will stay in the VA.  We finally have flights but not until Saturday early am.  We are leaving here Friday night to stay in SLC.
Saturday - DH's brother is a Vet, he can stay at the VA - and so he is there when a nurse calls.  Papa is very restless.  Papa asks him to come up.  They read together and talk, Papa is uncomfortable now.  You can see the tumor growing.  It's putting pressure on his lungs. He says he wants to just listen to the Bible.  They're reading Psalms.  As BIL reads, no other lights are on,  Psalms 33:1-3, Papa takes his last breath - a motion light in the room came on - no one else is in the room.  We know it was Papa's spirit leaving this world and going Home!
We thank the Lord that he did not suffer very long, that he is now with Jesus!

Up until 4 days ago he didn't even know he had cancer, he didn't feel great - but he just kept working.  He would have worked anyway.  It was a very humbling experience for us. Papa was a good man, but just an ordinary man.  Yet he touched many people.  He rarely, if ever, fixed his own meals.  He was a regular at Subway.  This older man and a group of young adults became great friends, he witnessed to them in the way we are supposed too - not just in words but in deeds!  He put his words into actions!
Also we never saw the man at the senior center who made sure everyone's tea glass was full, or their chairs were pushed in.  He was the last one to eat, the last one to leave, and the first one to help.  At their church he was always the first one there, he opened the doors, started the coffee, he helped them into the sanctuary, he helped them out.  If each one of us lived our lives like he did, if we all touched as many people as he did, I think the world would be a better place.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'

Apr 16, 2013

31 years!

Tonight my beloved and I celebrated 31 years by going to the most wonderful Basque restaurant for crab and lobster!  Oh my goodness, I thought their lobster was heavenly but after trying the crab - what a toss up!

God has truly blessed my life with a man I love, who is my best friend on this earth!  He is my soul mate, and I am humbled at how he loves me; and how He loves us!

God bless!

Mar 25, 2013

Easter week

Happy Resurrection week! Yesterday, on Palm Sunday, we went to church - then left early to go watch two little guys get baptized at their church! They gave their hearts to Jesus awhile back. Not only are they two of our students during the school year, their family is very close to ours (his daddy was best friends with my Joshy) - and the oldest boy is named after my Joshua! To know that they are saved is amazing, going to be with Jesus for eternity - and that one day he will get to meet his namesake - just the icing on the cake!! Jesus is Lord! -

Mar 17, 2013


DH and I made a flying trip to Vegas for the antiques. The lady selling the rockers (been looking for them for years) held them since December. Aren't they great? Plus the sideboard was an added bonus. The little table and table top are some of my sister and her hubby's creations. We love our tables. I got the sleigh bells from my daddy for Christmas - just exactly what I wanted. I painted the kitchen - chestnut - or as close as I could get to it. Praise God my back is SO much better. DS got a full release to go back to work too. We are on the mend, here. The snow melted away this week, I can see my yard. We may get rain/snow this week and we will take all we get - even though we've had a good year -we are still way low on the moisture level. I hope ya'll have a blessed week. Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya', Countrygirl

Mar 7, 2013

iMac questions?

HI. We got our new iMac and need help customizing this blog with my own pictures... Any suggestions? More snow in the forecast, we've had some nice days in-between. I can see 1/8 of my yard, and green grass is ready to come out! DH and DS just pulled in and I can see the flakes - big, huge flakes falling in their headlights. Week 2 back at work. My back is SO much better. Going upstairs and twisting the wrong way are still no-no's but otherwise I'm good. Thank you Lord. DS goes in next Tuesday to see if he's released for work. He is seriously going stir crazy, has a big ol' boot on(I guess if I was 6'4" and wore a 12 shoe - I'd have a big boot too!). DD was in Washington, DC fighting for agriculture with our politicians - she said it was a productive trip. Hope so - after all, if you watched the SuperBowl you now know that "...and on the 8th day God created the farmer...". I was in that Nat'l FFA convention audience when Mr. Paul Harvey gave that speech - loved it that, love it now! We are headed to Las Vegas this weekend to pick up some antiques a lady has been holding for me. Two Paul Bunyon rocking chairs, a sideboard buffet, and a secretary's desk! Excited - I hope they are what was advertised. We may hit some garage sales, too. I hope all is well with your neck of the woods, and that God gives you what you need to get thru the day! Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'! Countrygirl

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