Jun 12, 2014

June 12th - My goodness has this year flown by!!!
1)  I must thank the good Lord for all the blessings He's given me!  He is so good and faithful!
2)  Being Nonni to the most beautiful little one has been more wonderful than I could ever know!     That sweet granddaughter has brought so much joy and love to our home.
3)  Beth Moore's Bible studies are one of my favorite teaching tools - we have a small group of ladies who meet on Fridays and the Lord surely works thru Beth.  He reaches me thru her!
4)  Hawaii really is paradise!  Think we could live there indefinitely.  Swimming with 3 pods of wild dolphins was something I will remember for a LONG time.  AMAZING beautiful creatures.
5)  Family and friends are so much more important than worldly things.  Salvation is even more important!

   DH had the shoulder surgery and I know he wondered if he'd ever get better - and he is!  Thank the Lord.  It was a long recovery, but he's good.
    Our family dynamics have completely changed with Miss JJ - she's such a sweet, good, happy baby.  She only cries if she's hungry or really tired.  I love, love, love being her Nonni!  When those sweet little hands reach out to me - melts my heart!  We just love our DIL too, she's quite a kid.  She drives 3+ hours one way to take care of her gramma who has dementia and her parents who both have cancer.  It takes someone special to do that - makes us love her even more.  Good news is both her parents have finished with their chemo and the tumors are shrinking!!!
    DD had to go to Hawaii for an Ag Teacher's Association meeting - poor thing.  No one from Arizona was going with her, not even her husband.  He had prior commitments that he couldn't get out of (or he was afraid to fly over the big ocean), so her daddy and I volunteered - jokingly.  But then as it got closer and no one was going - we really didn't want her there alone - so we decided to go and  celebrated our 32 anniversary.  It was great. We had a room high up in a large hotel but you'd never know it - we were on the corner and could leave our doors open all night for the ocean breezes.  DH and I honestly relaxed and enjoyed it.  We swam in the ocean every day, walked miles to see the sights, and then got to spend the evenings with DD.  Wouldn't trade it for anything.  We met some of the local people and made life long friends - they are wonderful, kind and giving people.  We had decided the main things we wanted to do was see Pearl Harbor and DD wanted to swim with dolphins.  DH and I were raised on ranches in parts of the country where water is scarce so we didn't think we'd snorkel - but God had other plans.  The family running the boat fed us breakfast and lunch, showed us some beautiful scenery and then found 3 different pods of dolphins  to swim with - 2 we went to, one came to us.  Also turtles and the colorful fish were just beautiful.  DH, who rode bulls and broke colts for most of his life faced his fear of water and went snorkeling too.  I was so proud of him.  On Easter morning we were out on the ocean far from shore, watched the sun come up and then got to admire His handiwork all around!  Great time with our girl.
   DS was in a wedding in California last month so we volunteered to take them.  We decided we have to spend any time we can with them, sacrifice our free days for it and it's so worth it.  It's a long drive, but we made it and sweet Miss JJ got to see the ocean for the first time, she liked digging her toes into the sand but then a wave (bigger than her daddy realized) soaked her and she DID NOT like that - not that she'll remember it.  DS looked so handsome and it great to see his high school friends.
    My job is good and we stay busy, except they want me to go full time and I do not want to.  When I hired on I told them flexibility was major to me and they said okay.  Now they want me there from 8 to 5, M - F.  We are praying for God's will on this, God and my family always come first and foremost.  I sure miss my school kids, and I miss teaching - I did a lot of tutoring but it's not the same. Several times I went out on their special days to help out.
   DH got a phone call last week about his best friend from high school - he had been shot and killed - by another friend.  He'd been drinking, which led to fighting, which led to his death.  It's a horrible mess.  It saddens him that his friend never grew up - wanted to be 16 forever and be the old western movie cowboy.  We are heading out soon to be with his family and friends.
  I pray the Lord gives you each what you need to get thru the day and some extra wants too.  He's so good and faithful - He amazes me with His love.  I've added some pictures from the past 6 months - bad, bad blogger, I know.
Memorial Day - she loved the horse - first time to go to the park

St Patricks Day - our sweet leprechaun and her mommy - (I made her hat - it was almost too small.)

Memorial Day - he loves fly fishing - I love watching him

DS on my colt - they're both doing so good, Eli J still has a little buck though. 

Miss JJ's dedication to God

DD & her niece Christmas Day

Getting excited - almost to Waikiki after a 5 hour flight. 

Pearl Harbor - very heart wrenching.  We shed  a lot of tears there.  So very humbled by our military's sacrifice.

Trinidad, CA Miss JJ's first time to be at the Pacific Ocean.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liken' to ya'!

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

LOVE all the pics! Don't feel bad, I just finally posted after about 8 months! LOL
What a fun time traveling you have had~awesome. That baby girl is soooooooo precious! Oh my. So glad DH shoulder is good~so great to hear from ya and see pics of the awesome fun you are having! Prayers for your d-I-l and her family.

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