Nov 12, 2013


Back in December, DS was at the local ranch store about 8:30PM buying dog food.  It was below freezing and miserably cold that night - seems like the freezing fog had set in as well.  He was walking out to his truck in a section that wasn't well lit up, when he felt hands grab his shoulders from behind - no words.  He said he didn't even think about it, he just hauled off and decked the guy with a fast right! I have rarely seen him even raise his hands in anger, and never seen him swing at anyone.  DH yelled at the guy, who was lying on the ground - nose and mouth bleeding - "What in the world are you doing?" The man told him, he was just hungry and cold. Was that it?  There had been quite a few robberies in that area - was DH's spirit warning him?  About that time, the store folks came out, yelling at the man - who was a homeless guy - telling DH that they'd already ran him off several times.  They wanted the cops to haul him away this time.  DH asked them not to call the law, he said he would make sure the man was gone.

So DH picked the gentleman up, dusted him off, cleaned him, and took him to supper.  By the time he got home his hand had started to ache a little.  When he told DS and I the story - we thought he was teasing us.  No way, we couldn't believe it.

His hand continued to hurt, and it started moving up his arm - continuing to his bicep and shoulder.  In late August - he finally had to have it repaired.  The X-ray showed the bicep was messed up, a bone spur, rotator cuff completely torn, clavicle tendons torn off, bicep tendons torn off, and something else.  DH knew he'd have physical therapy so he chose a local doctor.  I didn't discourage him, but wanted to go to a specialist out of town.  His surgery was several hours - the doctors came and got me to look at it.  Both said it was the worst they'd ever seen.  He had 4 bone spurs, his bicep looked like feathers - it was so torn up and shredded.  They'd patched him all up and felt pretty good about his recovery - if - IF  - he would take care of it.  I prayed continuously for him, over him - but never felt that peace God normally gives me.

We came home, two days out and he was doing well.  That night he started getting a fever and nauseous.  I was told if it goes over 101 to call the doctor.  I called - it was Labor Day weekend, the answering service - didn't answer.  No answering machine either.  I called the hospital, the med surg doctor advised me, if it went over 102, and he kept vomiting - come in.  At 2:30AM we went in.

ER freaked out when his oxygen sats were 79 and admitted him right away.  He was holding his breath so he wouldn't vomit - but they didn't listen.  Four hours later he was on med/surg floor - the iv in his arm had blown and was burning - 3 times he told the nurse.  Finally she saw that his arm was doubling in size, and turned the drip off - but didn't fix his iv.  About an hour later she did, when he started vomiting every minute.  One heart tech came in the first night putting the electrodes on - she started pushing on his shoulder.  I said he'd just had surgery on that shoulder, he was groaning - she kept pushing on it - it's for a heart monitor so shouldn't be up there anyway - I said a little louder that he'd just had surgery.  She didn't listen - he was groaning louder now, so I stepped over to her, and took her dainty, prissy, soft, pudgy manicured hand in my rough, unmanicured, calloused hand and dropped it away from the bed.  Calmly telling her, Ma'am you will not touch him again!  He just had surgery on that shoulder! She did not come back to his room.  After that I did not leave him alone at any time, when I went home to feed the horses and dogs - I called Pastor or our youth pastor to come sit with him.  Didn't trust him with them!  The nurses and CNA's were excellent but they follow written orders.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia - which we were pretty sure he didn't have.  He has lung damage from getting dust pneumonia in Texas.  And he is a shallow breather, when walking his O2 tank was empty - they never checked it, I never told them - and his sats were fine.  I would turn his O2 way down when they'd leave the room.  They had him on 4.5 L plus they were flooding him with IV's.  About the 3rd day, he told the dr the nebulizer was what was making him sick - sure enough - when he quit using it, the sickness went away.  His fever was never over 99.5 but they treated him like he had a high fever.  He gained 19 pounds in IV fluid. He didn't eat over 4 bites the whole time in there. He was getting 3 different antibiotics, one right after the other every 5 hours.  When we asked why - no one could tell us.  I had everyone I knew praying for him.  For the first time in my life, I was not anywhere near being at peace with what was going on.  Feeling like he was getting worse instead of better - I really had no idea what God wanted me to do.
  He told me on the 5th day, if we don't get out of here - I think they might kill me.  I agreed.  We decided that if they didn't release him, we'd walk out and go to Salt Lake City.  The dr didn't want to let him go, but needed beds so agreed.  He was given an antibiotic that had all kinds of warnings on it.  He took two of them, and started hurting so bad - I told him to start researching the drug.  It's not a good drug, it's used for MRSA and hard to kill bugs.  It also has severe side effects.  He stopped taking it.

I started using Oil of Oregano and coconut oil. In Britain, oil of oregano is used for MRSA and it's gone in 3 days.  He took detox baths and I soaked his feet nightly.  His legs had swelled up to 3 times normal size.  They looked like square logs - same size at the top as the bottom.  We went drastic - no white anything - only water, lots of it.  Only natural foods, nothing processed.  In 32 hours, he'd lost 17 pounds and half of the swelling in his legs was gone.  He lost all the weight  in 3 days, but it took weeks for the puffy air swelling to leave.

God, and He alone healed DH - had we not listened to Him and left, I don't know if DH would have lived.  We know he had an infection of some kind - he did not have pneumonia.  It was all so weird - when I asked one nurse what med she was giving him - she said I'm not allowed to tell you.  WARNING! It was like God just put every nerve in my body on edge after that, I didn't sleep for 7 days.  God gave me the strength to get thru it and He touched DH's body, mind and soul and healed them too.  It's been a long, slow recovery - but he's doing really good.  He needs to learn that being better does not mean that he is 100%, because if he overdoes it - he pays for it.  :-)
 We hopefully WILL NOT have any more surgeries with this doctor who doesn't return our calls, and goes away for the weekend holiday without having someone to cover his patients.  We WILL NOT have any procedures done at this hospital if we can help it.  But from this point on, if I don't have a peace - I will voice it, I will listen.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liken' to ya'

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Praise God for the Holy Spirit and that you KNOW to LISTEN! WOW. That is really something.
Glad to hear the oils helped...I have just ordered a starter kit and am looking forward to learning more and more about them.
You are such a strong woman...Prayers are being sent for you and your hubby...for complete healing, restoration and Rest!
Thank you SO MUCH for your kind and encouraging words you gave to me...You are awesome. Someday...we are going to meet in person and it's going to be GREAT!!! Take care.

Psalm 138:3
In the day when I cried out, You answered me, And made me bold with strength in my soul.

That is You!

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