Nov 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving morning, and I seem to be the only one up in my part of the world. DS is sleeping in, he doesn't get to do that much. DH left hours ago for work, so it's just me and whoever may read this! My delay start oven did not start so the turkey will be late.
Have a wonderful day, remember to thank the One who provided all for us! Tell those you love - that you love them; you may not get another chance! Love you life - live what you love!

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Ranch wife said...

Thanksgiving is behind me. We fried the turkey as well. John has a fryer, Buck is the same way he will eat it fried. Mom and the kids left about an hour ago, whew, it is guite. They are not house trained very well. It is cold, burrrrr. We went from 80 to 32, with a chill factor of 24, and snow.
Have a great day today.
Wish we were there.

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