Nov 17, 2007


Here's Joshua! This was one of his senior pictures I took up the canyon. Did he know he was meeting God soon? Look at him standing there smiling at the Lord!
This day 5 years ago was the last day I saw his sweet face. Tomorrow will be the day he died, 5 years later. We miss him so much. He was a great friend, son, brother - but we know he sits with Jesus now, that he will never again feel pain, sadness, rejection etc. He only feels joy!
We stand on God's promises to be together in Heaven and we will see him again. I really like the Kenny Chesney song, "Who You'd
Be Today", it speaks for our hearts.
Joshua, I miss you dear son; Kaleb misses his brother - especially now - being the teenager. We will see you again.
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Sara said...

I just love that picture! It is so profound. He was well loved. I remember one of the first times we ever met you guys at our little church in Gruver. Jen threw up on him in Sunday school, and he was ever so much the gentleman, even at 6 or 7. Praise God for bring us all together, and for letting us know him the short time we did. But ain't it great, one day we will all be together forever!
Ranch wife, posting with tears in her eyes.

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