Jan 29, 2008

Dancing Cowboy & more snow

Handsome fella!
Here's ds getting ready for the 'girl ask boy dance'. He said he had a good time, he was asked several times before but wouldn't go. ( PS my cabinter is 7 feet tall)

Here's the sun coming up and the storm moving in! It's another doosy(sp)! All basketball games were canceled, school was let our early.

This one has caused all kinds of wreck around Reno, when I came home tonite I had to busy thru drifts in my little car. Gas it and don't stop til you can see the other side - which is what I did!

Well, it should be interesting! I get fitted for an ankle brace tomorrow! Yeah! I can stop wearing the boot! Wahoo!!!

Calm before the storm!
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Ranch wife said...

What a handsome young man!! And my word he is tall. Bet he got that from his dad. :) :) :)
I bet yall are so ready for spring.It is pretty but my word enough would be enough for me.
Have a great evening

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