Jan 6, 2008

Night shadows

Last night, when I took the photo below, as I closed the door I saw Liza (horse) quietly moving across her pasture. So I continued to stand out and watch her, she didn't see me or she would have nickered. She is alone now, her old partner of many years died and she's lonely. Lexi (basset hound) is also lonely. Her best friend for 5 1/2 years had to be put down in November. Liza walked over to Lexi's kennel and stood there for a while. I strained my ears, sure they were having a conversation, but heard nothing. Then I saw it! A shadow moving quietly across the back of Liza's pasture. Liza saw it too, her head went slowly up, ears reached forward. She was not afraid but she did turn her body to watch. I couldn't make it out - deer, human, dog, coyote? I wasn't sure. I did know it wasn't a mountain lion or she would have reacted differently. She stepped away from the kennel and walked closer to her barn, but never turned her back to the shadow. I listened for footsteps but heard nothing. The snow was really starting to get heavy, I had a hard time watching the strangers movements but I saw it leave the pasture and keep walking down the road. Liza continued watching, too - interested but not frightened. In just a few minutes I couldn't see Liza anymore, she'd walked to her barn out of the wet, heavy snow. I couldn't see the shadow either - I had wanted to know what it was, then I felt sorry for it and was filled by a sense of caring for it - out in this cold, wet, quiet night. Then I remember that, "Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds? " Luke 12:24


Ranch wife said...

Hey did you ever find out, what, who it was....kinda creepy in a way,but maybe not. Maybe the Lord just wanted you to learn a lesson.

Countrygirl said...

No, I walked out there but the tracks were drifted over. So, I guess I'll never know. Since Liza showed no fear I wasn't worried. Usually the deer travel in 3+ so I didn't think it was a deer either. We'll never know.

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