Feb 28, 2008


Here's the hand that's been causing so much stir lately! Ouch! Thankfully the good Lord was watching over him, what they removed was scar tissue and gout! They couldn't believe it and his Dr couldn't either, his tests showed it wasn't gout. It looks pretty good considering all the 'junk' they took out of it and how long the surgery was! The little scar about the long one, was his drain hole and it's healed up nicely. He will be on gout medicine for life, but hopefully that will keep this from happening ever again!
He can't work yet, hopefully next Monday he can go back.
Poor dh, he's about to go nuts staying at home. Too much snow to weld or do yard/garden work; not enough hands to do tiling or wood work! Ha! Maybe he should be studying his Bible, he could do that!
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Ranch wife said...

Oh that looks so sore. We all had to stop and have a look see, Davids poor wrist is famous in our house. Ha.
So glad it all turned out to be treatable.
I posted about your birthday gifts, but I have no idea what happened to it. That is such a good idea, and those are cute. You are so talented.
It has been in the 80's here. Crazy, but it is nice to go out without a coat. We haven't burned the stove in about 3 days.
Well better go
Have a great weekend

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