Apr 24, 2008

Canyon part 2

These babies are so cute, but you can't hardly see them.

Mr. Business here, he watched me the whole time I was taking pictures. My battery was dying so they are getting fuzzy.

This guy was too busy eating to pay much attentino to me. I would really like to get a wide angle lens for some 'super' close ups.

This is the canyon! It's 8 miles from our house, we love it there and we try to go but let things keep us from going. It's very peaceful, we take the dogs in the summer to the beaver ponds and let them swin. They love to go, ds loves to hike - dh says he's part mountain goat. It's truly beautiful!
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Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Love your mountain goat and canyon photos. Makes me long for the Western mountains. It's God's country everywhere, I guess, but there's something about your kind of country that tugs at my heart-strings. P.S. Thanks for tagging my blog on your site. I was thrilled to see it there.

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