May 28, 2008

For the Birds....

Today was our year end field trip. We went to a marina near my house. The students took the pictures, they did pretty good huh?
They loved it. We had a sleep over 3 weeks ago, and the left over (50 gallon trash bag full of movie theater popcorn) popcorn was what we fed them. The kids had a great time.

Here's some babies! We went bowling after, only one game and they were wore out. Then Mexican food, it was pouring rain so hard we couldn't play in the park - we ate on the bus. Ha!Last was a tour of the police station. It was going pretty fast when they decided to give us a Tazer demonstration. Wow! It was very interesting! Anyway, they all went home tired, full, and happy. So it was a great field trip!
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Ranch wife said...

Those are great pictures! Sounds like you are having a great end of the year. How much fun to be in such a small school and get to do those things.

Rain huh? Put some in the mail for us!

Love ya

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