May 7, 2008

God is good.......

Several years ago, when our ds's were riding broncs, bulls and calves - we went to a Christian rodeo school. I loved it. How great was it to be taught by Scot Johnston, Deb Copenhaver, Cody Custer and Wiley Peterson? Dh and I enjoyed it as much as the boys did.
This was one of the praise songs they sang.
God is good, all the time
He put a song of praise
in this heart of mine
God is good
God is good
All the time!

Rain - sweet, sweet, rain came down last night and today. You just can't believe how much it's greenin' things up. While at recess we saw one rancher was taking cows to their allotment right before the clouds broke open and poured - I was sure hoping they all had their slickers! We are all so thankful for this wonderful moisture. It smells so great outside. DS and I
walked the dogs between outbursts, and it was so fresh!

We are to get this tomorrow, too! Yahoo!
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Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

May you have showers of blessings (and more rain!)

Ranch wife said...

Isn't the Lord good? I see Him so much in all the things that He created. How can anyone not notice nature and not believe in Him or that it was created His hand? Maybe that is the trouble, they just don't take the time to notice...
Love ya

Paula Yaussi said...

Ummm! I can smell it clear in Kansas! So happy it is warming up and turning green!

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