May 12, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone. Hope that all the mother's had a Happy Mother's Day.

I'm beat, my ds-i-l, dn(dear niece) and I went to Idaho to see my Gramma, parents, aunt & uncle, and sister. It's a 4 hour trip but it was so worth it. We met my parents and sister for lunch; then we all went to Gramma's. She was so excited, and had a new outfit on! She doesn't want gifts, so we got her a orchid corsage and balloon bouquet. She loved it, wanted the balloon's tied to her wheelchair. Gramma's white hair was fixed and she looked so nice.

My mom is doing well, too. Can't hardly tell she's had surgery on her neck - she said that she felt like someone slit her throat - the scars about 3 inches long. She jokes that it will blend right in with a wrinkle! Mom has beautiful skin, I noticed that when she was in surgery. She doesn't go out in the sun without protection. She doesn't look her age, she's such a pretty lady.

I have been blessed with a s-i-l that I dearly love. We try to get together often, but our kids are 9th, 10th, 11th, so we are usually going different directions. My dn is the youngest one - at 14, she was 1 when we moved here. It's been a great joy to watch her grow up.

Well, until next time - may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!

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Paula Yaussi said...

My mother had surgery on her neck and jaw and the scars look like she tangled with a barbed wire fence! But . . . she's alive and well and happy! That's all that matters!

Glad your day was so happy!

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