May 5, 2008

Just because.......

This is what my sweetie brought me home on Thursday! Yellow and red roses - I love yellow roses. He doesn't get me gifts usually for our anniversary, my birthday etc. When we first got married, we didn't have money for extras on a cowboy's salary. Now, we try to get something we need, sometimes something we want for gifts; mostly we give to others and when we need something we go and get it. Anyway, he brought these home - just because...........! When I questioned him, his answer was, "....they charge almost as much for one rose as they did for this." End of discussion, later he said that's why he worked overtime. He also sent my sister in law, my brother's wife, a bouquet - "just because". She's taken on a very stressful job, high paying, but still very stressful; she said the flowers made her day.

Some times I guess it's okay to do "just because" because it sure made my day!
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Paula Yaussi said...

I'm gonna send you my address . . . I prefer pink, just because!

What a special blessing!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Awwwhh! Sweet! That's the best kind of gift -- just because!

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