Jun 22, 2008

There's a new sheriff in pipe town..

Pistol, the new sherrif, has been on pipe patrol for over a month now. He usually is after ground squirrels but this time - he's fighting the dreaded Chipmunk Gang. It's hilarious to watch the showdown take place. First thing in the morning - Pistol is out the door, sniffing out the enemy. The Chipmunk Gang however is ready, they aren't gonna be taken alive!

It's a never ending battle for the Sheriff, he runs back and forth from pipe to pipe. They have their hideout and several lookouts (below) to keep the bad guys safe.

We have seen him catch ground squirrels. He's pretty good at keeping them controled, but these dastardly dudes are just too much. He has to take a break and go to the saloon - his swimming pool! They seem to sit and laugh at him, poor Sheriff - the last few years he was the deputy. Chugga was the sheriff and she was a squirrel getter, they would set at oppositie ends of the same pipe and at a precise moment - run to the other's end. The bad guys didn't have a chance with the two of them. Chugga died last November and so, sniff....sniff....he's all alone. Alas, Billy the German Shepherd just can't get interested in joining the posse; oh he tries but his attention span is that of a 2nd grader. Lexi the Bassetthound - she has no interest in chasing such!

The Chipmunk Gang are sure a cute little bunch, but I know they can be very destructive so I won't get attached - I won't get attached - I won't get attached!
And so, the showdown at the pipe corrall will continue. Hopefully the Sheriff and his posse(he doesn't have one yet) can take control and run those outlaws out of town!

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Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

What a cute sheriff! Also, cute chipmunks!

LeAnna said...

Ahhhh, the chipmunks are so cute! I have a picture of one that visited our campsite in the morning for biscuit pieces. I tried to convert him to more healthy selections such as grapes, but he was into the carbs. Those little yorkies are good varmit getters! I bet he's most certainly head of ranch security. Cute pic's.. :)

Paula Yaussi said...

I won't get attached either!

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