Jun 17, 2008

Touch ups and then it's done....

Six days, 13 people, 5 gallons of tea, 4 boxes of water, and 5 large meals later - here's the almost finished project. We have to go back and put in more screws. We started at 5am each morning and by 2 (at the latest) we would have to stop because of the wind. Yesterday dh and Scott had the top ridge cap up there, had the foam glue sticky on it and the wind blew it off - almost hit the two of them. They came down! Dh and I finished last night around 8:30pm. It's pretty light in color - like sand, it mixes well with the river rock on the front of the house. What a blessing to have this almost done! Praise Jesus!
Dh and friend, Scott, putting tin around the chimney. It was very slick up there. I was sending prayers up for safety from the beginning and God was so good. No injuries beyond sore backs and sunburns. We also did away with the vents by putting a foam ventilation system in. You have to leave the sink and bathroom pipes though, and the chimneys.

Tom - a friend, standing and my brother is leaning down

Dh and ds handing up a sheet of tin.

Here's our house before the new deck, new roof, and fence.


Ranch wife said...

Oh wow I love it! Everything looks so nice. I bet yall are happy to be done, but with metal it won't have to be done again in a very very long time. Yipee for you!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

I know you're glad to have a roof over your head, again. Roofing is hard work, and I can't imagine how they managed with the wind. Thank goodness no body got blown off. Your home is lovely.

Brazle's said...

Looks great and Thank the Good Lord, NO ONE WAS HURT! Great looking home you have and beautiful country to surround you! Thanks for sharing.

Countrygirl said...

M - it is nice to be nearly done. DH says if we have to replace it - we are moving. This and the deck were not planned - they were somewhat 'forced repairs' on us. Oh well, it should help the house stay cooler.
Pat - thank you. We bought this house - a fixer upper - because of the view. It had no trees, no yard, needed work. Well, it still needs work but we are coming along. Our front windows face those beautiful Ruby Mountains.
brazle -thanks, we like it here. It's just getting too crowded. Just like everywhere they are selling off the ranch land to 'subdivide'. I know it's coming, when we moved we had one neighbor within a mile - now we have them on three sides. The house next to us is listed at $925,000! Wow! If it sells, our property value will go way up, we hope at that point to sell! Who has that to spend?

Paula Yaussi said...

I love it - all of it! The house, the view, the pool in the front yard!

So glad the project is complete!

Countrygirl said...

paula - thanks, the pool is for the dogs. We had a black Kelpi who loved water and got so hot so I got them one. My yorkie loves it, Billy the German Shepherd has been in a few times but he's not sure yet. I am so grateful it's done!

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