Aug 4, 2008


Here's the rest of the story.........Dad was home when we came walking in with Slim. He was VERY mad! He was also disappointed - which was even worse! This was his horse, he'd had him from the time he started cowboying and kept him as he moved up to cowboy boss, then manager. There was a lot of cowboys who asked for Slim but the answer was always "No!" So here I was with Dad's horse - who's knees were all tore up - learning a big lesson! That love always wins out. Dad knew I was repentent, he knew how awful I felt about Slim and about disappointing him. He forgave me! What a great lesson to teach me - forgiveness and accountability! The vet came out, I had to explain what happened to him, and for weeks I doctored Slim four times a day - I had to go to the barn by myself in the dark and at that time I was afraid of the dark. I couldn't rodeo or show him that summer, and Dad had to really think about letting me ride him again. Of course he let me, I showed him and rodeo'd on him. He was truly a great, great horse. He taught me so much; so did his partner - my dad. When my dad left that outfit, he took Slim with him-he didnt' want some yahoo riding him! Ha! Slim died in a grassy pasture and was buried there. He was a one in a million horse!


LeAnna said...

Awww, what a happy ending. :) It's amazing the forgiveness of a father, and the lessons it teaches us, especially as daughters.

Paula Yaussi said...

We have a horse like that out here - Socks - no amount of money can buy him!

So many great life lessons are learned on horseback and in the barn! Wonderful post!

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