Feb 24, 2009


Kevin's surgery went well. The cancer was larger than they thought but they are certain it was all taken out. The cancer was like 'sand grains'. Thank you for the prayers, please continue to lift them up.


PS My dr has released me to work on Monday, I can't walk more than an 1/4th of a mile at one time, but I can walk it several times a day. I do have a sinus infection, thankfully my mono is at a stage where I can be on medicine. So............PRAISE the LORD I am better. Thanks to ya'll for the wonderful prayers!


Broken Y said...

I've been consumed in my own little world. Just saw the prayer request and update. Isn't it amazing what these vicious cancers are made up of . . my sister had a tumor removed from her leg that looked like a rubber band ball!

Glad all was gotten and will pray for him!

Ranch wife said...

Thank goodness...will there be chemo? How about an update on you?


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Praise the Lord they got it all, will pray for quick healing for him and Praise the Lord for your release...even though you do have a sinus infection, you're getting better. Keepin ya in prayer!

Ranch wife said...

Whoopee....that is good news. I bet you are ready to be back at work. Still praying for a full recovery...


LeAnna said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well & you are continuing to mend!

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