Mar 23, 2009

God is Great!

Leaving the house at 3 in the morning, driving thru windy, open range is not our idea of fun. Friday that is just what we did, my sweet dh has gout and arthritis in his back, feet, neck, hands etc. He broke lots of colts, rode bulls and cowboyed for many, many years. He has been battling pain a lot lately. We decided to try a specialist in gout and arthritis - went to Boise, ID for it. The dr we saw said, "I am not who you need to see - you need a rheumatologist. They are in this building as well, their appointments run about 3 months out - but I will go and tell them you came 4 hours and see if I can get you in!" Well, his nurse, Cathy, came back and said if we'd come back at 11:30 they would see us! Praise the Lord. The dr was WONDERFUL!!!! She has figured out in one visit what many others never could. He has gout and reactive arthritis from a stomach infection he had over 10 years ago. So........she will treat him for that, and the meds he was on for gout are not for folks over 40. This great lady gave us so much hope! She really was a blessing. DH is excited now, he doesn't dread trying the new treatment!

Then..........and this is a "God thing"..........we went to the "Rock and Worship Roadshow" concert. AWESOME!!!! Addison Road, 10th Avenue North, Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me!!!!!! When we got out to the Idaho Center to get tickets, this was where you can only purchase tickets at the door for $10 - the lines were outrageous! Dh and I were so excited that so many people were going - we were not sure we would make it in. But the Lord has all things in His control, and we did get in. I bet there was only 40 empty seats, and I think most of them were people who had went down front. It was terrific! Each band talked of what the Lord had been laying on their hearts - Trust me, don't fear, you are MY children! The same things we have all been thinking.

We saw Amanda, who is the young widow of Troy, we prayed for on here. She seemed to be doing good. Jeremy Camp also lost a wife after a short time - his message to Amanda must have been so helpful.

The entire place was singing, praising, worshipping the Lord - it was just what we needed. To just stop and hear the voices - it gives me chills even now - the Holy Spirit was moving all thru it!

DH and I spent the night in Boise, we have a favorite hotel to stay in, but when we went to check in - firetrucks and firemen were running all around it. We went to another one we had stayed in before - they were booked, except for the king suite. Dh took it, we didn't know if we'd get a room - when we walked into this room - oh my goodness! It had two bathrooms - one upstairs and one down - with a huge walk in glass shower, a huge jacuzzi tub, a marble topped bar and kitchen area, a balcony, the bed was upstairs - a king that was like two queens - you just sunk down into it, and 3 big screen TV's, a couch with extra blankets and pillows for someone to sleep on. This was crazy! We didn't have much time to enjoy the wonderful room - we got in late from the concert and left fairly early to get our shopping done and head home. We decided this was our anniversary celebration - it's coming up in April. It was very elegant.

DS's play was great. He did so good, as did the rest of the kids. He asked his date to prom up on stage and she said yes. It was very neat, they have a teacher who is one of the best. She has had each one of my kids in her class, she is what all teacers should be!

Whew - now I'm caught up for awhile.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'.


LeAnna said...

God is great, Amen! Love your new blog layout. :) We'll be praying this new treatment goes well for your DH. I know that gout is painful stuff, my uncle suffers with it. Ya'll have a blessed week!

Ranch wife said...

Wow what a whirlwind you live in. So very very glad that the Doctor is a good one. I know D. is tired of hurting all the time.
Glad yall had such a wonderful time. You both deserve it.


Broken Y said...

Wow! So glad for a good diagnosis! We have one of these concerts coming to Wichita - Doing our best to get it on our schedule!

Sounds like a fantastic room! Glad you got to enjoy it briefly!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Praise the Lord for a good Dr! Will keep your DH in prayer as he begins new treatment...What a fun and fast trip you two had. LOVE all the artists you guys saw. How fun!!!

You are doing better? So glad!

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