Apr 1, 2009

April Fool's!

DS proudly brought his new toy home, to which his daddy replied, "Boy, do you know how many bones you broke on one of those you had to peddle?" It's motor is shot, and that's not all of the problems but he's excited!

It's our spring break, dh took off the rest of this week. Yesterday, after we planned the garden, got the new engine on the old tiller, and walked the dogs, we headed up the canyon. Right by the road were the bighorn sheep, about 25 feet away. So we drove on up, as far as we could - the road is snowed in, they are still snowmobiling and heliskiing. We saw several bands of sheep, then when we were almost out of the canyon, dh stopped. Right in the road was a sheep, he was just watching us. Of course, I had no camera. I got out and took a picture with my cell, then I noticed 4 more rams. They were about 15 feet from me. It was so neat. I stood and talked to them for about 20 mintues.

So, today we went up armed with binoculars and camera, and not a sheep did we see. We did see lots of goats! They were all over!

When my day has been stressful, I love to go up the canyon - to sit and listen to the water. It's like Jesus is washing away all my cares. Then to find His creatures all around - makes it a good day!

Now, I have a serious prayer request. Kevin, 20, who had cancer removed from his left lung in February - now has a spot on his right lung. He was supposed to go to Houston for a different treatment, but they ran out of the medicine. He had his first chemo treatment today. He did/does not want chemo, when he had cancer on his knee a few years ago, it made him so sick; but the drs want him to have it. Please pray for healing , pass this on to any prayer warriors you know.

Don't let a day go by without telling someone what the Lord puts on your heart - you may not have the next day!

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RanchGirl said...

We got Q's frame, thank you so much! We love it! I already have a picture of him, and have it on the wall! :)

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