Apr 18, 2009

Prom night

Here's our baby. The one who never liked dances, or dressing up, or girls. Then along came Mary - and now he's a socialite. Ha!
He's such a good kid, we are truly blessed! How handsome he looks.
You can't see the scratch across the top of his nose from branding last week, or the black fingernail he has - but he was gonna make sure it made the dance picture! Ha! I will post more pictures of the two of them!
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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Aaaww he is is handsome! What a fun time to get pics...can't wait to see the rest! Nothing like Prom night....with snow!

Prom was here last night...it's rained like crazy....water stnding in the backyard this morning. Makes for bad hair at the Prom! ha ha

RanchGirl said...

Those are really good pictures!

cottonpicker said...

Nothing cuter.....handomer than a young man in a western tux. My baby's prom is this Saturday and it will be her last :( I guess they do have to grow up...as far as the scratch goes...chicks love scars or so they say.

Broken Y said...

Well dadgum! He's about a handsome as a cowboy can get! Can't wait to see more pix!

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