Aug 12, 2009

Recipe Time

DS bought an old Ford truck last summer. It's been used and abused but he loves it. They finally got the timing figured out, the short figured out, and it was running good when
Daddy found a rear main seal leaking. Rebuild the 1974 Ford engine time. Daddy has rebuilt many engines - he lays out paper, puts the parts down and labels them on the paper. DS learned how to do all this - the right way.

Recipe to make a 17 year old son smile
Unhook all hoses and lines.
Get a cherry picker and pull the engine - oops, truck is jacked up too high - have to take off a tire so the cherry picker can lift engine out.
Set engine on the stand.
Go to parts store - buy a gasket kit, new seals, waterpump, thermostat, hoses, -give them an arm and a leg for payment.
Then get Ford Blue motor paint.

Move Mom's nice car out into the weather and put the engine and scatter all your parts inside my clean garage. (which are still there by the way).

Spend weekends and Daddy's days off tinkering, cleaning, shining, painting it Ford blue, and putting together this new engine.

Start putting it all back in one piece.

Hook it up to cherry picker again. Put engine back in truck, hook up everything that was loose, grunt, yell, drop things, grunt some moe (beats cussing); discuss why anyone would do things this way or that. Laugh. Come inside to tell Momma, "we almost have it". Go to bed that night wondering why "this" isn't working.

Get up, eat breakfast, work on the engine, pray! Waaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! It's in! Start engine - purrs like a kitten, no more like a lion! Loud! Check all gages, make sure anything that holds fluid is full. Get Daddy in truck and drive it! Drive it some more, drive it to the store - do you need anything?

Truck runs great. Daddy's back is sore. DS's smile is from ear to ear.

Now, Dad - can we put in my stereo?

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LeAnna said...

This was too sweet! Boys and their Daddy's, I don't think there's anything quite like 'em. :) They love building things. Last night B was telling me all about how he wants to build a car! a sailboat! an airplane! with Q, and you just can't help but grin at their hopeful enthusiasm.
Don't feel too bad, my car has sat out in the elements for nearly 2 years now, as the garage is B's messy domain. One time it was clean long enough for me to use it for a few days. At least I know where to go if I need a tool...

Ranch wife said...

How cute....can I say an engine is cute? Not too manly a phrase I guess.

How special that they had that project to work on together, DS will remember it will DD.

OK now how bouts a real recipe????? You are such a good cook I know you are just dying to share. :)


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Love this post! So happy it's up and running and all is you have your garage back yet? No leftover parts I hope! lol

Paula said...

Fantastic! What a wonderful time with Dad! He will remember this for the rest of his life.

Being one of three girls, I spent alot of time with my head under the hood with Daddy!

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