Dec 8, 2009

Honey do's.....

Last week, dh decided to redo the guest bathroom (also known as ds's bathroom). He did this 4 days before I had a huge Christmas Open House.
This was where the vanity went - it was old and scratched up. We had planned to replace it, but............

DS helping tear out the floor.
DH laying the new tiles - they snuck
off to Home Depot and bought the little tiles to inset among the larger ones - it looks so great!!!Here's the finished product. We painted over the gray/blue with a light brown and it looks so nice. A shiny new commode - that won't run and flushes the first time is a welcome addition.The vanity we were going to trash - turned out pretty nice.

The Christmas Open House was a success. Three ladies came displaying their wares. Connie, my sister - brought her barnwood frames, prayer boxes, fishing fly boxes, lasered rocks, etc. Gayla - makes jewelry and sells Gold Canyon Candles, Sidney brought At Home America! We had appetizers, cookies, and beverages. About 35+ showed up and I think all 3 did very well. We are thinking of making it a yearly show.


Pat - Arkansas said...

I have no DH and ny one and only DS is so busy working 6, and sometimes 7, 12 hr days each week that I don't have the heart to ask him to do anything for me. Please send your crew to redo my only bathroom ... just the floor. The tile looks wonderful. All of it looks great. They did a terrific job!

Countrygirl said...

I am sure they would rather be there with ya'lls warmer weather! We were 22 below this morning!

Thank you - I think they did a terrific job too!

LeAnna said...

Your redo looks great! Don't you just love Honey's and their do's? ;) Especially when they are so on top of things, and get it done early! Oh, wait! I know NOTHING of that. My honey do's always get done in the nick of time, heehee.
Your open house sounded like a lot of fun, I'm glad you had a great turnout. Planning to make it an annual event sounds like fun!!

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