Jan 18, 2010


I really never knew anything about Yorkies before we got this little furry guy - but we sure do love him. I know some who aren't as loving as he is - everyone tells us "if they could get one like Pistol" they'd get one.

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Ranch wife said...

What a face! He is cute. I was bitten by a Yorkie once...bad memory, hateful dog. But I guess if I can change my mind about a pit-bull...aka..T-Bone..then I might change my mind about Yorkies.....Ha HA. He is cute..love the face.


ranchin'moma09 said...

awww, he is a cute lil guy!! :)

LeAnna said...

What a cutie! Five years of working in a vets office and I only met one Yorkie I didn't like. They're sweethearts when raised sociable. :)

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