Jan 10, 2010


These are some of the kitchen towels I made for gifts. I really liked the reindeer one - plus I found some cute mini bread pans. I filled them with candy.
Snowflakes on red, and I put them with a candy cane dish - filled with candy canes.

The pinecone pattern had sparkles in it - and it was a favorite of those who got to pick out their own.
The western prints are fun to do as well.
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Ranch wife said...

Love these! What a cute idea. I may try this for next year. Thanks for sharing.


Stephanie said...

You are a crafty one!

LeAnna said...

Very cute!

Jennifer said...

How cute!

Countrygirl said...

Thanks ya'll! M - I buy the dish towels in bulk (8 or 10 in a pack) and then get the material in small pieces at a Craft Mart by Boise, ID. I love to go there - they have every kind of material you could want. I made Thanksgiving and fall ones too. Who doesn't need a kitchen towel?

Paula said...

You are sending those my way aren't you?! hehe The sunsets are wonderful!!

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