Feb 22, 2010

Planet Wisdom

My wonderful DH and I spent the weekend at a simulcast of Planet Wisdom. Wow! "A Walk With Christ to the Cross!" The main message was the last 14 hours of Jesus Christ's life. It was very intense. They had a great band -Dutton! And they had "the Skit Guys" - who were hilarious and sometimes really gross! We had over 74 kids attend. If you'd like to see any of it, go to: http://www.planetwisdom.com/tour/.

About 5 different churches brought kids in. Two main churches put it on - but the others helped out. It was broadcast to 4o + states and Canada - plus the main event in Dallas. Like I mentioned above it was intense, but we had some souls get saved, some rededications, and many hearts were challenged and convicted - you could see it on their faces as the speakers talked about the horrible things Jesus went thru for us. AMAZING! We made some good friends with the youth pastor of another church, and got reaquainted with some old friends.
God amazes me with His ways - I saw young girls - with their hearts breaking, and their soul open - coming to me to pray with them!
And then He gives me the words to pray - the words that touch them! What an awesome Lord and Savior that uses the lowly for His glory!

Friday night, some really good friends of ours came into town for basketball. Their niece was playing. They called as we were on our way to the church - asking if they could stay. Of course they could stay - we love them very much! (Just don't look at the dust - a pellet stove, a wood stove, and NV dirt - makes a wonderful film on all things! ha!) This friendship is like Ranchwife & her cowboy's to us - we may only see each other every 3 years - but we know if we need them - they will be here; and I pray they know the same.

Miss P has had a very rough winter. She lost her father, her grandmother and now has a cousin who is deathly ill all within a month. Her father was led to the Lord by her brother, they were all with him went he went into Jesus's arms.

What's super cool about all this is.......her husband and I grew up together. Our dad's cowboy'd together when we were in 1st and 2nd grade. They moved away, we moved away and about 10 years later - we lived 3o miles apart down the railroad tracks! His sister was in my wedding, I was her matron of honor. We rodeo'd thru high school, we showed horses in 4-H, and not so honorably we partied together - but now we are all saved by the grace of Jesus. It was a truly wonderful weekend - and an exhausting weekend.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!


LeAnna said...

Sounds like you guys have had a wonderful time. Praise the Lord for such an awesome event! I think it does the Body of Christ good to see a rekindling of the things of God from time to time. And praise the Lord for good genuine friends, they're hard to come by!

Sara said...

I have a friend who went to that, is sounds amazing!

Stephanie said...

Wow! What a wonderful weekend you had. Sounds like God really worked in a lot of hearts :)

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