Mar 30, 2010

Eli J = trouble

Yesterday, DS's little colt got somehow caught up in the panel and ripped his knee open - bad!  (Our little mare has been in this pasture for 9 years and hasn't been cut up and here he comes - finding everything he can to get into.)  Well sir, we decided it was time to halter break him - since we were gonna have to doctor him. It took DS and I about 30 minutes and he was following us around.  Doctoring it was another story.  He didn't want anything touching his knee.  We got it cleaned and put Furison on it, gave him a little Bute.  Then wrapped it up. 

Today he got the penicillan, more Bute and another wrap.  It's pretty swollen and he's sore. We have had 50+ winds today, and tonight it's supposed to get real nasty.  He didn't fight the halter at all.  Tomorrow we'll take the hose to it - and hopefully it'll be on the mend.  He's had a pretty rough go of it and he's not even a year old yet.  If ya'll think about it - say a prayer for him; he is sure a sweet little guy. 

I'll get some pictures tomorrow if the wind isn't blowing. 


LeAnna said...

Poor little fella! Just like a boy, always getting into trouble. ;) Hope it heals well.

Jennifer said...

LeAnna is right, just like a boy! ;)

Pat - Arkansas said...

Ooooh! :( Sorry to hear about the colt's injury. I hope he mends fast and completely, without any lingering problems.

50+ winds? Mercy! Batten down the hatches, girl!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Yep...just like an onrey little boy! LOL

Hope he's better soon.

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