Apr 28, 2010

50 Years!

Mom, Dad, my sweet s-i-l, nephew (yes he's tall 6'6)cutting their cakes.

My folks celebrated 50 years on Saturday! We had a big shindig for them. It was fun to see everyone - lots of folks are branding and turning out so not everyone made it. Their matron of honor and the best man were both there! It was very inspiring and heartwarming to see the two of them - they don't look old enough to have been together 50 years! May God continue to bless their marriage.

Mom's niece, great niece, me, her oldest sister, her matron of honor and sister just older than her, her next oldest sister & dad's niece.

Cousin's wife, Mom, her matron of honor & sister, my sister, Mom's niece, niece and sister, Dad with his back to us.
We decored with gold and white table decorations, balloons, lots of little confetti, violas (50th flower) and pictures were all over. We asked guests to bring pictures and stories to share.

During the party one of the old cowboys that I dearly love, Mike, came by. I was greeting people and serving them when I saw him. Thought I was gonna cry - I haven't seen him in such a long time. He shook Dad's hand, gave Mom a hug and asked, "Where is that blonde?" That was my name to him, "that blonde"! God is good, I needed to see that ol' cowboy and I think he needed to see me! His son, a few years older than I, committed suicide a couple years ago and it's been hard on them! They don't get out much - but made a special trip for my folks. Dad and Mike cowboy'd many years together. Mike was and is such a wonderful part of my teenage years, he always encouraged me to ride his 'unrideable' horses - and we always got along. He has a special way with horses, just like my dad and it was amazing to watch and learn from them.
Ranch girl talked about not being able to cowboy on the ranch they are on. Thankfully it was never that way for my sister and I. We always tagged along. After we got into our teens, Dad started a custom branding crew. Him and us kids! We had a blast! For several years we were booked solid during spring and fall. Then we started rodeoing full time - it was fun while it lasted.
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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

AAAWWWW... CONGRATS ON 50 yrs to your folks...you look just like your mom! That side view of her looks like you! What a wonderful day!!!

little apple tally said...

I can almost taste the cake and feel the handshakes! What a great day to remember! Feel like I know all these folks and I've never met a one!

Ranch wife said...

Oh I love it! 50 years is nothing to be sneezed at and what an inspiration. So glad that yall had this get together and you got to see old friends.

Love ya

Rachel said...

Awesome! Congratulations to them, such an insperation!

How fun for you to get to see old freinds and bring back memories for y'all! I get to go do with everything we do around here, and we used to day work together, before kids of course, but it's so fun! We enjoy it, and so far the boys love it too! :)

cottonpicker said...

Love to hear about marriages that last, especially to the 50 year mark. I've only been married going on 23 and boy do Ross and I have stories to tell! Congratulations for your folks and tell them they are a blessing to everyone who has had the privilege of watching them grow old together.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I'm late on my visit, but was so happy to see your folks and hear about their 50th celebration. It was heart-warming. I send belated congratulations to them.

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