Apr 6, 2010

Can you see him?

I love bluebirds!  This one showed up on Easter afternoon.  It was
not snowing for a short time - and there he was. 
They are so pretty - such a beautiful blue. 
He was fairly far away, but because he stood out against the
drab brush we spotted him.  The females are blue
too, but not near as bright.


Rachel said...

Awesome, they are beautiful!

LeAnna said...

They are beautiful birds, for sure! And quite aggressive around their nests, too. I've been dive bombed by one before, for walking too close to his tree. :)

little apple tally said...

Beautiful! We have red birds (cardinals I guess to be correct) and blue jays but not so much bluebirds.
My mother loved all birds but especially hummingbirds. One came to my window the day of Mom's funeral services. A messenger perhaps?

Stephanie said...

They ARE pretty, but I have been told they are quite mean too. Nice pics!

Countrygirl said...

Thanks for the comments. I don't think the mountain bluebirds are mean or aggressive. They seem to just fly away if you get too close. Where we cut wood, there are so many and they just kinda' whistle and move on.

I'm so excited, there was a male and female out here this afternoon. I need to get a bluebird house set up.

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