May 29, 2010

Graduating with honors....

By this time next week - our youngest will be done with high school.  All three of our kids will have graduated from the same place.  This was not something I thought would ever happen the way we drifted during our first 10 years of marriage!
 Wednesday night we went to an awards ceremony for him - he worked pretty darn hard - and had lots of awards to show for it.  He's a good kid, we have been blessed!!  He stands up for what he believes in, does not go with the crowd - in any way!  I love that the Lord has blessed him to be confident and moral!

Please remember all those who fought for our freedom; and especially those didn't come home!  Remember those who've gone on before us - Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks for the prayers everyone. I have been working, it's been snowing, and I am in bed by 6 each night.  I have 3 1/2 more days of school and then I can truly rest up.  Well maybe after the 7th, we have a large graduation party Saturday!  He's so ready!  He plans to go to technical school, graduate in a year and then head to Austrailia.

Please keep Stephanie - Still Waters and LeAnna -Thoughts and Whatnots in prayer - both have suffered  terribly this week! May the Lord just pour out His peace, love and strength to each of them.  And may the Holy Spirit surround them and ease their grief.

Today this sun is shining.........well it was at 5:30 when I got up - the clouds have moved in.  We are to get showers and then it's gonna warm up next week. 

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!


Sara said...

Congratulations Kaleb!!

Cindi thanks so much for the gift, those were so pretty!!!

Countrygirl said...

I'll tell him. He's at the ranch today.

I get them from some cowpokes in Oregon when my folks go to the Pendleton Leather show. I really like their work! I'm glad you do too!

Sara said...

Love that picture of Kaleb. Glad you are feeling better and that school is almost out.

Tell that boy congratulations and give him a hug from us.


Katy said...

Hi Countrygirl!! I can't believe Kaleb is graduating; he looks so mature!

I just met Jennifer from Ranch Girl on Sunday - my younger sister and I stopped by the ranch. We met over blogging about a year ago. It's such a small world!

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