May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Hoping that all mothers have a blessed day today!  My mother and my mother in law are/were wonderful examples to me of what a mother should be.  My mom never missed a rodeo, 4 H show, and horse show.  I thnk I have mentioned this before, but.......oh well......  DH and I went to the Family Life Conference last fall, the speaker asked us to write down in one word what our mothers meant to us.  After much thought, I wrote down loving.  Because everything she did was in love.  Mom and I didn't always get along thru my high school years,  and as a young mother at times I felt like we were on different planets.  As I look back now though, I realize it was all in love.  She never intentionally tried to hurt my feelings in any way - and I'm pretty sure I did that to her.  She's been thru a lot the past few years, and I pray that things settle down for her.  She's pretty amazing!  Thank you Lord for my mom today and always!!!!

My m-i-l was also a wonderful lady.  She wasn't like my mom - they didn't go to all their kids' events.  She worked very hard all her life.  But she raised a terrific son (actually 3 sons and 2 daughters - who are all strong Christians), she loved on her grandchildren - spoiling them with her sewing, crafts and cooking.  I miss her very much and I love her - she was a huge influence in my life.

Two other women who deeply touched my life were my grandmothers.  Very different in their approaches, both showed me love, how to follow Christ, be strong, cook, sew, crochet, work, work, work, and do crafts.  Both were extraordinary cooks!  Gramma Ella had never cooked until she was 19 - and she married Grampa.  She didn't use recipes.  Her chicken and dumplings are the best!!!!  She worked on the farm - and she worked hard.  Gramma was a crack shot, too.  She whistled and it sounded like a song bird!  Her quilts are beautiful and we all treasure them.  My favorite memories are waking up on the farm, hearing the radio playing in the kitchen and smelling breakfast.  I could open the door and see her and Pa playing solitaire and reading the paper.  I can still hear their laughter while they talk about the day.  She laughed most of the time - they lived a very simple life; but she was happy!!! 

Gramma Edna was a young widow.  She missed Grampa everyday.  She made it to all of our rodeos, most of the 4H, horse shows, and anything else she could.  She wore out 4 cars chasing grandkids.  She'd take us fishing, to the movie, to the mountains, teach us all her crafts (she was left handed and I was right), cooking, and mechanicing.  She was very strong - brought up with boys and was tough as a nail!  As she got older, she never forgot an anniversary or a birthday.  I still look for her cards to come.....ha!  

Yep, I have some role models in my life that I know the good Lord blessed me with.  I hope they know I felt/do feel that way about them! 

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!

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