Jun 17, 2010

Bluebird Family

It's been said before but I just love bluebirds!
On Mother's Day my DS asked what I wanted - and my reply was a Mountain Bluebird house.  We'd been researching them since the one showed up on Easter.  He got it done, we put it up and within hours a couple was moving in.
One afternoon DS came running in the house, telling me to come with him and grab my camera.  I couldn't figure out what was going on - but when I got outside there was a male bluebird on the grass.  My Yorkie, Pistol, almost got him.  He didn't fly but just stayed a few steps ahead of the dog.  So....we thought maybe he was injured.  I caught him - wings were okay, legs were okay; no visible problems.  So I put him into the house, everything I could find on them said they didn't mind humans - we sure hoped not!   When DS came home from work that night - he was gone.  The next day - a nest was started!  I was so excited! 
Now this couple have 4 little eggs in the nest.  I always make sure to announce myself - usually Momma flys out - I check the nest while they stay very close by. 


Jennifer said...

How neat!

Pat - Arkansas said...

What a beautiful, gorgeous creature. God did a 'great' job when he made those little birds! How fortunate you are to have a nesting pair, and four eggs! I await your updates.

Paula said...

That is just beautiful! I love that little bird!!

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