Jun 9, 2010

The summer has started........

 Time seems to fly by.........I was thinking the other day that this kid has had some rough times to go thru and yet with the Lord, Holy Spirit and Jesus he's made it!  It's been so hard on him losing his brother - he would really like to be able to bounce things off of Joshua; but I do think he's drawn closer to Jesus thru it all. 

Family & friends started arriving last Thursday at 5AM - and so the party began.  We had a wonderful time staying up late each night, getting up early, bon fires, running around trying to get everything we thought we needed for our youngests' graduation. 
He's always surrounded by those tall blondes. 

Over 100 folks showed up for the party Saturday, we probably had 40 on Friday night, and 25 on Thursday night. I was amazed that we hardly had any leftovers.  I have those huge silver dishpans -  we make bread in them - and I filled them with salads.  All the salads were gone!  A few burgers and Basque chorizoes were left but not many.  The Lord blessed us with a warm, slightly breezy day - the wind was just enough to keep everyone comfortable. 
Some buddies.

The last company left Monday morning at 5AM and the house was too quiet!  God is good, He gives us what we need and then some!!!! Good friends, good food, good memories, good times, good Savior!!!  Wonder if this is what Heaven will be like?


Jennifer said...

Congrats to K! Sounds like a great time.

Stephanie said...

Congrats to your son! You are such a sweet family, I'm glad you had a fun party!

Paula said...

I havent been on in a while but have gotten caught up! Wow Graduation! Wonderful time for your son and an awesome party!!

I hope you, as MOM, are doing well!


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