Aug 17, 2010


The last few weeks have flown by.  School starts Monday, so we go back tomorrow to get the school ready.  It's not that I dread it, but........I dread it!  I love my summers.  Love to spend all day in my yard, pasture, and garden with the dogs and horses around (literally)!  Love filling my humming bird feeders 2 times a day.  If DH or DS want to take off and go do something - I can go!  Then I see the smiling, beautiful faces of the students in our little school and the dread is long gone! 

Last Tuesday night, DH happened to have a meeting in town with some engineers so he got off early.  'Lighthouse Rising' were having a concert here.  We went (walked in about 20 minutes late) and it was fabulous!!!!!  It was very uplifting, refreshing, holy! 

Thursday there was a horrible mine accident that killed two men.  Two men with wives, children, families and friends.  We didn't know either one but it hits so close to home.  Please lift up these families and friends in prayer as they go thru this.

Thursday, DS rolls in for his 4 days off.  He, niecey S, and another friend, T (of the female persuasion) went to Twin Falls to check out T's school (CSI - my old school).  .  Niecey wants to go there next year too.  They had a grand time, met up with my folks on Saturday, came in about 3 Sunday morning.  DS drove them, T rented a small cabin Friday night.  T picked up lots of job apps and figured out where some churches are.  Sounds like they had lots of fun.

Sunday, in church, a couple who have tried for years to have a baby only to have heartbreaking miscarriages - were going in Monday morning for a c-section. Praise God! She was very nervous, apprehensive, scared!!!!  Telling her she would do wonderful, that by this same time Monday they'd be holding a beautiful baby and all would be well.  (And they had a sweet little girl!)

They asked for advice - so I sat thinking and said enjoy each moment!  You see momma's wanting the baby to hurry and get 'here' so they can do 'this'!  And pretty soon, the baby is there and doing it all by "myself"!  Then parents are pulling them away from the toy isle in the stores, hurrying along.  Soon it's the child pulling away from the parents to do things by themselves or with their friends. It's all about the moment!  Enjoy each moment!  Not what it could be, what it is!  Never again, will you have this one moment in time!!!! 


Last but not least, go check out Anna's  She has a great give away!

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!!!  Enjoy your moments today!


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Sounds like you are busy~what a great blessing for that sweet couple! Praise the Lord for their sweet new baby girl!

Doing good here...just ready for school to start(next tues) and get back into a little structure around here. I pray you adjust to the "empty nest". Miss keeping up with ya dear friend~talk soon.

Paula said...

Life has been crazy everywhere! Babies are so wonderful!!

It's been crazy and busy here. Putting my babies in Kindergarten. Little nervous but okay about it. Rodeo has started again!



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