Aug 2, 2010

My oh my.......

I have been having things tear up left and right! My riding mower - my mower (that I LOVE) that'll cut right over the top of that sagebrush and keep going)! We are having a hard time finding the parts for it, but I won't give up. Then my trusty weedeater decided to die on me last week! UGH!
I asked my sweet DH, "Why is everything tearing up?" He said, "Because you use the hound out of them!" And he is right. I mow about 5 acres every two weeks with the mowers and weedeat what I can't mow. Plus I mow the ditches, I hate it when they get high with the weeds, looks unkept to me. We live in an 'association' that is supposed to mow the ditches, but with the budget cuts etc., they never get around to our area. Having lived in TX for so many years - tall grass = rattlesnakes! So I cut the grass!

Then my mechanics got the new (to us) engine for the Dodge. (I also used the hound out of it!) I put about 4000 miles a month on when I'm working! We haul lots of wood, pipe, etc. with it too. I think we hauled too much pipe with it - wore it out! That ol' drill steel is so dang heavy! But now my purple beast is back in order and ready to go. So......we are trying it out by camping this weekend. Hopefully a relaxing, restful time!

DS's old Ford blew the power steering pump while we were hauling the Dodge engine home. Heavens to Betsy! They thought it was the engine for sure, the racket it made! He's been working so hard on his drill rig - he's making money for school! We were concerned about him taking the '74 Ford to Wyoming for college - God blessed him with a diesel Ford truck this last weekend. He's been looking and praying about it! That's why we hurried to get the Dodge going - his old Ford is a 'project' truck; it runs great and can pull a trailer full of horses, swather heads, pipe, wood, etc. It gets 10 mph! :-( We are hoping his new Ford will get him thru school.

The bluebird family moved out of the house - not enough room I suspect! They come by and whistle at me especially Daddy Bluebird. I love to watch them. All 6 will come and sit on the fence while Daddy shows them how to catch things.

It's hot here, the wind is blowing so we're in a red flag warning - fire danger! Thank the Lord, so far not too many fires and the ones they've had they got out quickly!

Until we meet again - May the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!
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