Nov 2, 2010

Pheasants and mustangs

This was a very unusual sight for us - he's in our neighbors yard, was in our pasture and move on. We've never seen pheasants here before!
When I first saw these two, I figured it was a mare and colt. But upon closer inspection - it's an older stud stealing a young filly away.

This bunch was very interested in the old stud stealing one of the mares away.

On the right, the black colt looking at the camera - was so cute! He must be almost a year, maybe older - but he was very interested in us! He was the only black we saw. DS used to have problems with a large black stud - every time he'd fix fence the stud would come and take it out - so I wonder if this little guy is related!

We love to see them - especially if they're healthy. We saw several bands in Wyoming that were real poor!
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Ranch wife said...

Love the pictures. Are the horses close to your house?


Countrygirl said...

Hey M!!! No they are out where we cut wood about 60 miles from here.

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Wow...great pics! Look at that frost! We have yet to have a hard freeze here in the southern part of the state. Got close yesterday.

Beautiful pics, as always, I love seeing those mountains! Hope all is well and DS is doing good at school, and that you guys are adjusting! Take care~

Pat - Arkansas said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the mustangs. These critters shout "old West" to me!

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