Jul 11, 2011

Prayer Warriors!!

Ok, I have 2 requests:
1) Paula - a dear friend who is going home to Jesus very soon - peace and strength for her family
2) DS - K, he has surgery tomorrow in SLC.  He has a hernia that needs fixed.
Thanks friends!

In His name,


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Got you and your friends/family covered...
Take care.

Sara said...

Just had time to get online a few minutes, I hope all is well with K. Will be praying give us an update when you can. And for Paula as well.
Love to you all

Countrygirl said...

Kaleb is home and doing pretty well, a little fever but able to eat and keep it down. He bled more than they wanted so we were at the hospital longer, but God is good and Kaleb is better.
Paula has been better and worse, her sister came and she rallied a bit. Now's she dazed and tired.
Thank you for the prayers - very much appreciated.

Ranch wife said...

Good I have been thinking about yall. So sad for Paula and family. I just pray the Lord give them and her peace.


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