Jul 26, 2011

What would you do with 100 pounds of cherries?

Sunday, DH and I were blessed with a trip to my sister's to pick cherries. Not sure about where ya'll live - but here they can be very expensive, and sometimes hard to find. So.......off we trek early in the morning. There was probably 10 trees all loaded. It's a beautiful place, too - the cherries were in excellent condition. Even though it was 99 outside - we were picking in the shade. Plus we got the added pleasure of my sis and her hubby. After all the picking (and eating - yum), we headed to a local Mexican food restaurant and it was very good! At home, he weighed the cherries - over 115 pounds - take out the ice and the cooler - 100+. Guess what I have been doing the last 2 days? I have been cleaning them, pitting the ones with no blemishes, and juicing the others. Oh my!!!! I even soaked in a tub last night to relieve my back from bending over the sink all day - think I 'll do it again! Ha!
Here's my old juicer - I love this thing. It frees up my hands to pit the other cherries. DS ran into town to a 'kitchen' store and found me a 4 pitter - oh it was so nice, and so much faster. Here they are getting steamed. I keep a tall stool by the stove with a pan to catch the juice. It makes the house smell pretty good.

This was my last batch of juice - 18 cups to make jelly; I have about 4 times this in the freezer. I froze 6 bags with over 12 cups each for pies, and smaller individual bags for pies (5-6 cups each).

We have some good friends in Texas who are celebrating - Paula went home to Jesus. Please keep them in your prayers - it's a good thing but it's a hard thing to let go. I think they were married over 55 years - he's gonna have a hard time getting used to being alone. God's grace is sufficient - she was not in pain at all, and stayed awake right up to the end. Praise you Jesus. One thing she told her husband a few days ago, "I'm ready to go see Joshy boy!" I know they are celebrating in Heaven too!
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Ranch wife said...

God bless that family. Praying for the Lord to bring peace and healing. And she is not suffering anymore, praise the Lord.

Oh how I wish I had a few of those! They grow them here in the mountains but the crops are always iffy, and none this year. They make the best preserves, and the smell....I am envious.

Love ya

Saska said...

we haven't had cherries in a long time. Either a late frost or a neighbor spraying chemicals gets them every year!

How red are your fingers??! Love the smell.

Countrygirl said...
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Countrygirl said...

M - I've been talking to them daily, seems to be good. Yesterday was the viewing, and he had a really hard time going in. Service is tomorrow - sure would like to be there for them.

Welcome Saska - ha, yes my fingers are awful. Looks like I been gardenin' and didn't wash!

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