Nov 15, 2011

On Top of the World...

Thursday night we went to Winter Jam - a Christian concert with 10 bands!!! Woot woot! KJ52, Kutless, Newsong, Matthew West, Newsboys, Red, Fireflight, and more! It was very good! Their first time to bring it to the west coast, and they were surprised when in Boise, ID we filled the Taco Bell arena!! We all need refueling, and this group of folks did it!

Friday, DH has a drs appointment for his arthritis. Thirty five years of the cowboy life (with a whole bunch of bull riding and breaking colts thrown in) and then breaking your back and neck while mining for gold will do some awful stuff to your body! The drs feel that he doesn't have rheumatoid arthritis in his back, neck, hands, knees, and shoulders! Praise Jesus!!! They think he has some kind of reactive arthritis that can be controlled with medicine. So we are starting a new routine, if it doesn't work, he'll try one more and if that doesn't work we will go take a clinic on how to administer injections at home. This has been very successful with patients like DH! The drs feel like they can really cut his pain!

We drove home in rain and got home to snow! DH had planned to go cut wood so away we went early Saturday morning. He wanted to try a new place near the Idaho/Nevada border. So we did! It was beautiful up there. Saw tracks of other folks but never saw a soul! The wind was howling and lonely sounding, looked like they'd had a few inches fall, but...when we got to the top where our wood permits were - it had snowed and blowed and we couldn't get up the mountain with our 5th wheel flatbed. Got stuck a couple of times. We unhooked and tried it with just the truck - too deep and icy! Oh was still a nice drive if just to see some of God's handiwork. (This group of antelope were way up high, and headed for lower ground when we came upon them. Wasn't too long before we were doing the same thing.)

DH and DS went out and got us a load of wood from our usual spot. We'll try the other one again, in summer when most of the snow is gone.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!!
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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

We have Winter Jam in Wichita, I've never been, it seems like it's in Feb here and we always have our BIG consignment sale that day. Sounds great.

Bummer about the wood, but beautiful pics!

Countrygirl said...

Thanks Les!

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