Jun 12, 2012

Sad farewell and hard lessons learned

Our sweet Lexi girl is gone. She got mammary cancer and went down pretty fast.  Joshy brought her home on his hs graduation day - to his party more than 10 years ago.  He'd found this messy, smelly, skinny, dirty little dog out in the middle of nowhere!  She was a sweet, loving dog who loved everybody!  She didn't have a mean bone in her body!  She was a great tackle in football - she'd wrap those two short legs around someone and down they went. We miss our little Lexi.

Lesson #1  I decided to get the dogs some better, 'healthier' dog food.  I bought one that is supposed to be one of the best!  Well it made all of them sick, especially Lexi - we thought it was the cancer at first - but the other two got sick as well. Before you buy any dog food -google the name of it and add problems and/or complaints.  That's what I finally did - lots of folks are having issues with it.  Some dogs are sick and some died.  UGH!!!

Lesson #2  Bronco + lift kit + big tires  = no fun!  DS loved his Bronco, he put lots of time and money into it making it 'cool'.   DH kept telling hm modifying was not a good idea, DS kept looking at all the other lifted, souped up trucks!  Well he was driving by the house, checking his new muffler tip, when the transfer case and output shaft busted clean in two!  He was going slow,  praise Jesus, but was on a steep hill - which was also a blind corner.  He decided to back down the hill and pull it off until we could tow it home.  He started down, being unable to steer and picking up speed the Bronco hit the ditch and flipped right on it's top!   Praise God he had his seat belt on!  We had to push the top up to tow it home!  Not a scratch except one cracked fingernail!

Lesson #3  God provides for His children!  DS had to have a vehicle, he was looking at old, gas guzzlin' trucks.  His daddy kept telling him to get a nice car.  He didn't want a car.  DH had an appointment in SLC and DS went with us.  We'd been driving and looking at 'junk'.  God had me stop, make him get out and look.  I told DH to stop, and DS to get out and start looking.  We happened to be on the car lots street.  There was one truck there - it was way too high.  He started talking but was walking away when the salesmen dropped the price in half.  DS started filling out the paperwork, a man came in wanting the truck with another salesman, they took the truck and drove it, he came back with cash in his hand.  DS's salesman argued with his manager and other salesman that DS was first.  We heard a shout from the back - DS's salesman won!  He got a nice truck, yes he had to finance - but he could pay it off pretty quick if he's smart.  To see my guys watch God work this out for DS was amazing - to see them realize God had His hand on it from the beginning was awesome and for them to know that God cares about everything they do, even the truck he drives - was a perfect lesson!

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Ranch wife said...

Sorry about Lexie.Sounds like she was a wonderful little girl. Glad K is OK And thankful yall found such a good deal!


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