Feb 21, 2013

Midwinter update...

Snows have been falling here, we are thankful for each and every drop and/or flake - 6" in he last one, 21" before that, and 14" before that one. We said an earthly goodbye to our sweet sister in law, and know that she is rejoicing with Jesus. The Lord let us see her one more time, be with her family as she quietly went into Eternity, and had almost all of DH's family together at that Lubbock hospital to support my dear brother in law and her family. During that good/hard time we got to see our wonderful lifelong friends - Ranchwife and her DH! We love these folks, and God knew we needed to see them. So laugh we did. Cowboy Poetry came and went here. DH and I went to a Don Edwards show - love to hear him sing. Just makes me want to two step! We had a home cooked dinner here at the house for several artists and friends - lots of laughs. Valentines Day slid in with the snow. DH and I aren't supposed to but gifts but we both did this year. I found a kitchen floor mat at you could personalize - I got it. He got me long stem roses, "...because I never gave you long stems before!" And somehow we got chocolate covered strawberries in the deal! He is a keeper! Love my Texan! DS broke his foot and tore tendons jumping down. He has been off a week and a half and is going stir crazy! Hopefully he will get a brace next Tuesday along will a release - and he can go back to work. But God is so good... Last Sunday I was taking food to my car for a youth fundraiser at church and fell hard on my back. Carrying a crockpot full of posole - but didn't spill a drop. But I did a number on my back. I've fought with it the last few years, and this seems to be the last straw. X-rays showed damage, so now an MRI and then see a spinal specialist/surgeon. DH is in New Orleans, DS drove me to the dr, has been doing all the feeding. He's a good son. Been laying around on mandatory bed rest, catching up on Downton Abbey - love this show too! Bible reading, doing a "get the toxins out of your life", thru U version Bible - it's a good, thought provoking one. Our computer has passed on and we are awaiting our new Mac. Any suggestions? We like the iPad, but haven't had a Mac before. Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a liken' ya', Countrygirl


Ranch wife said...

It was good to see yall..wish it had been over better circumstances.

Poor boy of yours I didn't know about his foot.

And you! My word you didn't need that fall.

I love Downton Abby!!! Isn't it fun to see all the clothes! Why don't women dress like that now?

Yeah for Bible reading and study, feed the spirit while the body heals.
Love ya


Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

I've been watching your blog for you to post again. Love reading about life in your part of the west. So sorry about your back. Hope the damage is minimal.

When I first came across your blog, I went back to your first one and read every post. Your attitude toward life after the hand you've been dealt is a testimony to your love and faith in the Lord. Thanks for sharing!

Countrygirl said...

Ranch wife - we are blessed beyond measure by our friendship thru the good and bad times across the years!

Gwynette - thanks so much for dropping in and the kind words. How do I get to your blog? I'd love to read about your life.

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

A couple of years ago, I created a blog name, then got so busy with my quilting and traveling, I didn't follow through. Now, I realize I'm REALLY busy and would get NO quilting done if I blogged, although I reserve the right to start at a later date... LOL. I enjoy reading several blogs about living on ranches which is totally different than the life we lived traveling the US with NOAA. We settled in my husband's home state and built a home on the side of a mountain after we took early retirement, I'm happy to visit with you sweet ladies via the internet.

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Wow...sounds like ya'll have been a bit busy...sorry to hear about your sis in law~praise the Lord for her new body and rejoicing. Prayers for her family left here on earth. So glad you got to see RW and have FUN!
Praying healing over your back and son's foot...
Good to hear from ya~take care!!

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