Mar 17, 2013


DH and I made a flying trip to Vegas for the antiques. The lady selling the rockers (been looking for them for years) held them since December. Aren't they great? Plus the sideboard was an added bonus. The little table and table top are some of my sister and her hubby's creations. We love our tables. I got the sleigh bells from my daddy for Christmas - just exactly what I wanted. I painted the kitchen - chestnut - or as close as I could get to it. Praise God my back is SO much better. DS got a full release to go back to work too. We are on the mend, here. The snow melted away this week, I can see my yard. We may get rain/snow this week and we will take all we get - even though we've had a good year -we are still way low on the moisture level. I hope ya'll have a blessed week. Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya', Countrygirl

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Oh I am coveting!!!


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