Jul 7, 2013

God please give them just enough...

If I ever said, I want my kids to have everything I didn't when I was a kid - I take it all back.  Lord, I want them to have...just enough!  (Read to the bottom for explanation.)

One bride's maid (left) our daughter (right) who drove in from AZ for her baby brother

one rehearsal night, one dad and one son, one beautiful ranch to have a ceremony

 one extremely gorgeous & nervous groom  
 4 handsome young men dressed in black
 3 beautiful ladies in blue and cowboy boots
one dad giving away his (peek a boo) baby girl  -
                                                                             one groom's family all showing up for his big day
 one JP - (good friend of the father of the bride - who'd just had knee surgery) marrying a young couple
                                                                                            one labor of love horse shoe project designed by his daughter and made by a loving dad for her
 one touching poem from the JP to the couple    
                                                                          one beautiful, (tall) bride and groom
 one kiss to start one lifetime of happiness for this new Mr. & Mrs.

one pink rose, familiar straw hat, and empty spot on the front hay bale - to remember and honor the brother who wasn't there - (the brother who should've been the best man)one beautiful and delicious cake (made last minute by an incredible aunt) to serve family and friends
one buffet style supper to share and visit 

(these are pictures we took, the professional ones I should have soon - sorry for the sun sports)

Two separate lives became one!  We now have another beautiful, blue-eyed blonde daughter to call our own.  This wedding these two 'kids' planned, made all decorations, hauled hay, and did all the work for was simple and country and absolutely wonderful!!!  Friends and family showed up from around the country - showering them with support, prayers, love and gifts!  One of my favorite parts - I asked DH's brother, who flew in from Texas, to pray with the groom's party before the ceremony.  They went behind the round bales, joined hands and prayed - not a dry eye in the bunch - including my dad and anyone else who happened to be back there.  DBIL is the one who lost his wife in January - and so he understands just how precious life and love are!

And this, my friends in another reason our lives have been so busy the last few months.  

Side note:  Our poor D-DIL woke up the day before with a horrible sinus infection, but you couldn't tell - she was stunning! 
She's a trooper.  They are living in a 5th wheel - in the middle of nowhere (seriously - it's not a good place), where he is drilling, and she's as happy as can be.  She has her sewing machine, Mia - a little stray dog I found in January starving and nearly frozen on the road - who has become quite a little companion, and craft stuff.  She makes lunch and hauls it out to the mine site for DS's whole crew - they all love her!  I love to see him smile when he looks at her, and see her smile when she looks at him!  
I pray that God gives them just enough - and that they learn to cling to each other, just as his dad and I did.   We were 1800 miles from my folks and 400 from his family - we only had the Lord and each other!  Which is a very, very good thing!

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'


Ranch wife said...

Beautiful! What a lovely wedding.


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Awwwww....that is Awesome! Girl, you HAVE been busy. Whew~
Simple but oh so BEAUTIFUL wedding. So happy for your son and your new dil....praying God's abundant blessings over them as they begin a new life together!

Countrygirl said...

Thank you both! DIL had such cute, cute ideas - I hopefully can post more pics soon.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful wedding!

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

You have been busy lately!! Lovely wedding and you can see the love on their faces. Blessings to all of you!!

Rachel said...

Love it, so pretty!

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