Dec 17, 2007

Christmas Joy

Merry Christmas! Here is my 13 foot tree. Now a story goes with this tree. I bought it 2 years ago right after Christmas - original price was $499 and we got the "bargain price" of $79.99. It's a beautiful tree, or it would be but since I didn't open the box to see if all parts were there we only have the bottom and top of the tree! Ha! So we spent countless hours looking for a tree that we could match to it and combine. Finally we found one last December in Twin Falls. What a riot!! It's a 14 foot tree in a 13 foot house! Double ha! Oh the joys of bargain hunting. DH was ready to burn it and start over.

Below, DS and DH on our deck by my Christmas present - the new doors. They are so nice and you can actually open them without the door dragging.

Have a great day everyone, ( or whoever is reading this) and remember to keep Christ in Christmas!
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Ranch wife said...

I love the tree. It is very pretty. And I really like the picture of yall. How bout putting one in the mail headed for NM?

Countrygirl said...

Sent one today! Ya'll should hopefully get it on Christmas eve. How was the weekend? I hope you had a wonderful time.

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