Dec 17, 2007

Metal and Boys

My day started out like any other Monday. Get up, curl my hair, let the dog out, yell down to ds - to make sure he's up, read my Bible, let the dog in, do the make-up, breakfast for ds and I, fix hair, get dressed, go to work. We are really busy at school with the Christmas program and so I was glittering the 'Christmas tree' tops - hats for the student trees. I get a call from ds, "Mom, I cut my hand in welding and the nurse wants to talk to you", he proceeds to hand off the phone and the nurse tells me his cut is very deep and he needs stitches. Oh boy! I ask if he can drive himself as I am 40 minutes away, .."we don't allow that!" So, off I go to the school to get him and then to the ER. Yes he needs stitches, and it's very deep. So far he's had no pain at all, even when they deadened it he only felt a small sting. ER was not too busy when we got there, but all sorts of people started showing up in ambulances, helicopters, etc. Being his cut wasn't life threatening, we were there about 2 1/2 hours. Then to the pharmacy to pick up his meds and of course he has to eat, they've already served lunch at school. He got back to school for his last class.

The DR said "No" to basketball, the biggest rival game is tomorrow night. The nurse came in and said, "Now I would never tell you to play, BUT if you taped it like this and like this you could probably play." Ha! He will try but we don't have a release so I am pretty sure he can't. Bummer!

DS has broken lots of bones, but we've not been to the ER for awhile. They missed him. God is good, he's not had any pain yet.

Oh, how did this happen? He was cutting out his project and the metal started sliding off, he reached out to catch it and '' it went thru the fleshy part of his left hand. The part between his thumb and forefinger. He didn't know it until he saw blood running down the torch's tubing. So, even though he did everything right (the ag teacher assured me) - he still needed 9 stitches.


Ranch wife said...

Don't you love those days that are just full of surprises??? Bless his heart, at least it wasn't really really bad. Sure could have been.

Countrygirl said...

Yea I do love those days, makes us thankful for the regular ones. His hand has been painful today, but not bad - God is good!

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