Dec 24, 2007

Early mornings

This pics reminds me of a hamburger. Not sure why. I am dog sitting my dog, Pistol's, sister, Molly. They start asking to go out about 4am but I wait until 5 - 5:30. After I quietly let them out, my dd came out and asked if the dogs out front would bother the little yorkies? What dogs? Well Molly sees them the same time I do, she takes after them. Dd goes after her, I go put some pants on as I am in pajama's still. Molly chases the dogs to the next ranch, dd and I are jogging after her, (dd has her little brothers shoes on - he's 6'3 and she's 5'3). Molly proceeds to follow the dogs up to their porch, then she jumps on one of the border collies. DD grabbed her and we hurried home, hoping no one saw us! UGH! It was funny though, and we started laughing at ourselves. I took these Saturday and the bottom one this morning. It's so pretty and quiet in the mornings. The coyotes are howling, not much else is moving, except us and Molly! Ha! Good morning, wakeup walk.
We had a warm morning today, then it rained and then it snowed 7 inches. It was blowing, and slick. We watched the neighbors almost plow into our pipe fence. Yikes. The ground is covered with white - all new, just like the mercies of the Lord each morning for His children. Merry Christmas!
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Ranch wife said...

Merry Christmas!!! Hope yall are having a blessed day.
Love the pictures.

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