Dec 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve!

Well, I'm sitting as close to the fire as my computer will let me. It's very cold here tonite -2below. Yikes. Ds and I ordered pizza ( I had shrimp cocktail) and we are watching National Treasure. I doubt we make it til midnight!

I have to tell what happened over Christmas! First, dh was fixing my stove - it's gas and two burners were leaking. He'd ordered the parts to fix it and they'd came in. He was attempting to get it all ready for lots of cooking when the screws wouldn't turn, then if they did turn they started stripping. He got more tools, screws can be replaced, right?! He finally got all the screws out and needed to pull off the top piece - wouldn't budge. He got a bigger wrench - still no movement. Finally a pair of channel locks and the whole piece came, even the parts that weren't supposed to come! Dh muttered and murmered and then said, "I'm off to town to get a new stove!" I didn't say a word, the parts that broke are not repairable or replaceable. So.......a few hours later here come dh and ds with a shiny new stove, they hooked it up, fired it up, and walaaa.......... all I burned was the top of the pumpkin pie crusts. Ha! So....I guess that stove knew I had just paid the last payment on the new dishwasher and decided it's turn to retire had come. Oh well.......

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Ranch wife said...

Isn't that the way it always goes? My oven is on a slow decline. Quite frankly I will be glad when if goes on over. Buck has worked on it, replaced parts over and over, it has been a piece of junk.
We didn't make the New Year, didn't even try. Joshua was over here and he and Sara ended up being the only ones that made it. The rest of us just couldn't get it done. Enjoy that new stove!

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