Jan 5, 2008

1st of 4 Storms

A storm off the CA coast left us with all this snow this morning. My ruler says almost 6 inches. It's beautiful. We are helping a friend of dh's move today - to Arizona.

Ds and friends went into a movie last night. He called at 9:40 to say they were on their way home - about 35 minutes normally to drop friends off and get to the house - 2 1/2 fell from the time he called til he got here. The wind was really bad, but we aren't drifted in. The snow plows even ran on our road - we are usually last on the list.

This fire is where we'll all be after we're done cleaning off the porch and deck. We have to make a path for the bassett hound, she's too low to the ground! Ha! We also try to clear one for the horse, then we don't spend so much time cleaning her feet. We definately need this moisture, and ds is chomping at the bit to go skiing and snowboarding - he will this afternoon probably. Have a great day. I think we will!
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Ranch wife said...

Those pictures are so pretty. The snow is beautiful.....but kinda glad it is there and not here. Ha We need some moisture very very badly, so I would take it. We may have a chance tomorrow. All the stuff yall are getting is pushing this way. It is 73 here, but the wind is blowing, and sky looks really weird, a sure sign something is on the way. I love looking at your pictures, makes it feel more like a visit.

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