Jan 12, 2008

DH's turn

Here's my sweet DH fording thru the 3 foot drift that we didnt' get to, we left it so he wouldn't feel left out! Ha! You can see in the first picture that it's snowing again. Not sure what this storm is supposed to bring, he got this old monster snow blower going and it works pretty good. It goes into a 3 foot drift but you have to go really slow. I don't think I can start it without him, we worked for quite a while this morning - replacing 0 rings and seals. But the good Lord knew we needed it and so He smiled on us!
DH clearing a path to the horse corral, the snow is over the wire fence to his right, but Liza's not interested in going over - thankfully.

DS is away on a basketball trip - we ended up not going because I got the flu! Yuck! I don't like my little chicks being gone in bad weather - just want to keep them all under my wings, safe and warm. They lost both games by 7, they will get in tonite around 11pm.

Until we meet again, may the good Lord take a likin' to ya'!
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