Jan 15, 2008

"Pogonip" morning

Pogonip is an American Indian word for "white death" in this part of the country. It comes and covers everything with the little ice crystals, kind of life frost , it's beautiful but usually very cold weather comes with it. I took some pictures of the garden entrance - we never saw the sun yesterday, it was like it is in the pictures. I think it was 19 yesterday and tonite it's supposed to be the coldest of the winter - it's 6 below right now. Brrr!

Here's my latest addition! The walking boot. Pistol is trying to get it off my foot, he doesn't like it! I severly sprained my ankle and tore soft tissue in my foot and leg. Yuck! If I survive learning to walk on this boot it may be a miracle. Ds laughed at me when I came home.

Ds has the flu, and does he ever have it. Poor guy! He looked about the color gray in the Pogonip pictures above. He missed 3 finals and his game tonite, and I know he's bad because he didn't eat or ask to go! He started feeling better tonite and went to bed after eating some broth.
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Ranch wife said...

Wow, it is pretty, but I think I will take my sunshiny days over yours. We are supposed to have snow today,,,,but so far it hasn't shown up. What did you do to your self? Taylor had one of those for about 6 weeks. He learned to get around pretty good.
Stay warm, and be safe.

Countrygirl said...

Well.....DH and I were salsa dancing..ha, no I was wearing ds's moccassin slippers while chopping ice and just twisted wrong! I have missed 3 days of work and Kaleb's game. It's so much better in the boot, it stablizes my ankle. This is a permanent fixture for 2 weeks, more if I need it. It's just a bad sprain and soft tissue tear - not sure what he meant by "soft"! Ha! Today was the coldest day so far, it's too dang cold.

Ranch wife said...

Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!! What I wouldn't give to see the two of you salsa dancing. You should have just left it at that, the mental picture would have kept me entertained for days. :) :) :) Of course when I think about salsa dancing I think about how we Buck and i would look, and it is pretty funny as well. Poor Buck doesn't have a lot of rhythm, it would be a hoot.
I am glad you aren't down for long. But with those cold pictures you have sent, being housebound might not be all that bad.
Take care, and keep on grooving

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